The overwhelming majority of class action lawsuits are scams designed to make millions for scumbag attorneys, while delivering pittances to the theoretical beneficiaries. I know. I've been "rewarded" by these thugs many times.

One of the more infamous of them is in the Graybar Hotel. May more scammy attorneys join William S. Lerach.

Less well-known is Melvyn Weiss, sentenced to 30 months for his crimes.

How to address scammy lawyers? Well, I looked up the websites of a few of them and sent e-mails to the partners, thanking them for my check in the amount of $43.67. I waxed effusive over my newly gained wealth, and even offered to buy lunch for all of them, and have it catered up to their New York suites.

I asked if they thought $43.67 would cover it....