world market systems is scam!

hello all,
yes i`m a sucker who joined up to world market has cost me $4000.00au and i have made $5.60 since 22/12/08 until now.i rang and asked how i made it and they said it was though the co-op which is money shared between 200 other people for money they get when other suckers sign up.this is paid every month aparently and depends on how many shares each person i have 3 shares but it can range from 1 to 5 per person,so you do the maths.they say you have a buisness coach but when i rang i got suckered in to their email blast campain that was $1000.00au,thats how it got up to $4000.00.i rang again and they tried to sell me more trafic generating systems for more money.when i said no i have no more money he said well can`t you use 2 credit cards and i said what part of no don`t you understand i have no money left this was supposs to pay for all this.i`m new at all this so yes i got suckered i should have done research first.when i mentioned sites like this they said oh yes they are only trying to sell their own products and have never joined well i have and it is a is now my mission in life to get back at this so called buisness,oh and she said you can check us out at the good business bureau,yes like i would i know they are a scam stay i am definatly not trying to sell it but here is the crapy site
i made up the name but they talk you in to buying all the side is the one were you are suposed to make money put /fastcash on the end

im not going to promote this site im going to promote how shit they are and try and bring them down.their customer service number is 1800211263
their email is : im going to spam the crap out of them and post stuff like this everywhere.stay away stay away stay away