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    Anyone heard about this http://www.fhadept.us/20/

    Anyone heard about this people before?They supposed to be a loan modification service and it looks real since they have most of our loan info.But need to know if anyone has heard anything before about them,thx!

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    Re: Anyone heard about this http://www.fhadept.us/

    What it looks like is that this is a legitimate mortgage company that may be offering refinancings, rather than a loan modification service.

    Here are the steps:

    According to Whois data, the registrant for the Web site fhadept.us is one Jim Cory, with an address of 10401 Roselle St., San Diego, CA 92121. A reverse lookup of that address shows that one of the tenants is Legacy Home Financing Inc. The fhadept.us Web page does have the title "Legacy Pre-Approval Verification Site," so it looks like that's the owner.

    The California Secretary of State's corporations database shows Legacy Home Financing Inc. has an active registration. The registered agent is listed as:
    8880 RIO SAN DIEGO DR #800
    SAN DIEGO, CA 92108

    The Better Business Bureau gives Legacy an A- rating and says it has received no complaints about the company, which was first incorporated in Jan. 2008. It lists James Cory as the top executive.

    The company's main Web site is

    The "pre-approval verification" setup looks like Legacy is just trying to drum up business. But while it doesn't appear to be a scam, you should be careful before signing up for any refinancings. Make sure the interest rate is in line with the market, the closing costs aren't excessive, and there aren't any hidden fees or balloon clauses. Best practice is to have an experienced real estate attorney look it over before you sign.

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