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    wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    I signed up and they do give you a lot of info for free. They ask nothing for the booklet they send you and your registration that allow you to have access to their job board. which BTW is very well organized and interesting with the variety of work at home jobs. I have applied to about 10 of them and have not received any feedback. No offers yet. Wondering if anyone has had any experience or success with them. so far I can't see any downside with getting on their web site. A lot of information and at no cost to anyone.

    Love to hear some feedback or any tips on working with this site:

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    I guess we will have to take your word for it. I refuse to give my email out to those types of sites.. There is a reason they are building an email list and if I don't know what it is up front.. no thanks.

    There are dozens and dozens of sites that list the same "500 companies" without you needing to become a member.

    Just the cover page on that site makes me leery about whats inside.

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    Why? I did not pay anything. It appears legit. But I just want to see if anyone actually got work from using this site. they have a forum to ask questions and I have but its not real busy and my question about the ads on site have not been answered by anyone.

    SOME questions were answered. It looks pretty elaborate to be a fake. But I would only know if someone did get work and that is what I'm trying to find out here.

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    Just the fact that they insist on your becoming a member is enough to keep me away. Free or not. I don't like spam, don't like my email being sold, etc.

    Like I said, there are many sites that offer the same thing and you don't have to hand over your personal information.

    ratracerebellion.com has an outstanding rep, anyone can visit their site, they post daily job leads which are screened and they have huge lists of all the legitimate companies that hire for work at home jobs.

    Then you also have wahm, wplh, etc.. tons and tons of sites.

    Places like the above that "hide" until you hand over your information just send up red flags for me. Why do they do that when the lists of legit companies are on MANY websites for free with no membership requirement?

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    OK I'll stay away.

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    Just out of curiosity, can you say what jobs you applied for? Did you hear back?

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    I am the owner of Wahjooligans.com
    I would just like to state that we dont sell emails and dont send spam.

    I am aware that many websites in this industry are scams that was the reason i put together this website, to consolidate all of the information from all over the web into one place.

    We ask for contact information to send out new updates about the site and more free bonuses after sign up.

    My sister has 2 work at home jobs from leads on this site ... she works for west at home and liveops. So the information we have is legit.

    Last edited by katiescorner; 03-31-2009 at 06:27 AM. Reason: Website link removed

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    Well that is nice that your sister has 2 jobs. I was trying to get answers in your forum about jobs and no one answered, not even the moderator. So that made me feel like the the whole thing was bogus. Why have a forum if you don't answer the questions? It was directed at the management.

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    Re: wahjooligans.com- Anyone actually get work?

    As you can see the forum is not that busy. So we don't check it as often as we should.

    I dont understand why the link in my post was removed but the link in the first post remains? Is there a 1 link per thread rule?

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