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    Missing Posts and Threads

    Has anyone noticed that several threads that were started today on the Political Forum and posts to them and posts that were made to existing threads here on the MLM forum and the Political forum (and I am talking dozens of posts by several posters) have suddenly all vanished? Mods....do you have a clue what happened. I often look to see who is on the site and noticed Zachery was here for a long time in the I think it's called Mod control panel and also in some other admin thingy....did he accidently do something that just wiped out all of these posts and threads in several forums???

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    Re: Missing Posts and Threads

    That makes three complaints now. I can't see where any were deleted but that doesn't mean much. In other words, I don't know.
    As of April23, 2010, I will no longer participate as a moderator or member of a site where posts and threads are removed unjustly by the ADMIN or a rogue mod.

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    Re: Missing Posts and Threads

    Quote Originally Posted by No_Moron_Here View Post
    That makes three complaints now. I can't see where any were deleted but that doesn't mean much. In other words, I don't know.
    Well I can tell you that one thread that I started and made several posts to was called something like what the banks have used the bailout monies for. I posted a very long post this morning in the YTB thread. I posted several posts in the two other AIG threads. I posted in the last person thread in chat. I posted twice in another thread in the political forum. Three people have pmed me asking what the hell happened to their posts and their threads. lol So something crazy bad went on again in this place. It's like everything that was posted during a two hour time frame while Zach was here just vanished. I have now seen 8 people's posts over in the Politcial forum who posted to various threads that I read, for example and some I even responded to, and they back, are just poof-missiing.

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    Re: Missing Posts and Threads

    Yes, I thought I noticed earlier today that some threads in this section of the forum had had their most recent posts removed.

    (I wondered briefly if there had been a software problem of some kind which was resolved by restoring a recently-backed-up version of the forum, but losing a few hours posts).

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