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    Re: of interest maybe

    I will still pray for you.
    Quote BH "and I don't want God to get the idea I am associated with you" end quote.

    We all stand alone with our histories before God. I think you had better relearn the basics of Christianity again.

    It is enlightening that you call me a bully because I am right, incredible logic that.
    Qoute BH "you because you want Christians to come back to the church and I because I just don't like a bully...who is right despite facts." end quote

    It is also enlightening that you attempt to still label me...let me clarify...JPM is a self professed mason of 25 yrs and i have posted links of him admitting it, therefore it would be a silly person to accuse me of being him....as for being GFR, I have never met him and he wont respond to my emails for information.
    Nice try though.


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    Re: of interest maybe

    I thank you for your lesson in Christianity amongst other things.....it has been very enlightening.

    Brown Hawk

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    Fleece and Decist

    Just look at this megalomaniac's statement:
    Quote Originally Posted by forcedentryconstupidation
    Also I did not bring masonry into this section but your buddie JRW did with his claim of being the keeper of the "Golden Fleece" a masonic term and also an pagan one.
    first it was the TITLE of the post not the actual post it is a shame that in the myriad of personalties that forcedentryconstupidation has, that none of them has a command of the English language either written or spoken. A title just like this one "Fleece and Decist " is a description of the post not the person that would be a prenominal/pronominal or postnominal or in a signature line. It is rather amazing that simple instructions such as add a title are lost on forcedentryconstupidation and it is also lost what the word Title actually means.

    Maybe he can translate French? Vous semblez les anguilles de Melun vous criez devant qu'on vous esorche or recant a favourite Shakespearian passage in English: "Thou dost shame That bloody spoil. Thou slave, thou wretch, thou coward! Thou little valiant, great in villainy! Thou ever strong upon the stronger side! Thou fortune's champion, that dost never fight But when her humorous ladyship is by To teach thee safety!"

    here is my post in toto query included:
    What churches have closed? I missed that.
    I also am busy with company and my house so I haven't (h)ad time to reply study or refute. So my silence is not what you project.

    It is interesting that this Mcgrath person has had so many titles and names in the last Decade if he truly was a[the] Templar why did he keep changing the name of his organisation?

    This is the question I asked you before which you still haven't answered. I can't figure out why unless A you don't know the answer, B you can't answer because of some conspiracy or C Mcgrath is a Fake with fake titles and no verifiable proof of his position or verifiable proof of his organisation being real.

    The Charitable register in Scotland (after a quick call on the tele) ensured me that this matter is under investigation and in fact the McGrath is the Subject of that investigation and that the other principals have to sign either a dissolution or there has to be a case before the magistrate to settle it up.

    So I think what this means is McGrath is not the head of the charity which number appears on his site and that there are at least two other principals involved with that charity legally.
    Can you shed some light on that? I await your silence...
    It is amazing how loud his silence is and just like the cat burgler in the croud he cries the cat burgler is here somewhere (Rumi) and with all the ranting he still never in over a year answered the question...whatever?&%


    which as you have read and are painfully aware that query has never been answered.

    Thanks for posting Hawk I apologise for my tardy reply...

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    Re: of interest maybe

    nothing new to say?
    I was away for all that time and this is the best you can come up with?
    Tired old lines that are already answered and proven.

    your modis operandi has never changed , it is you lack the ability to change?
    The thread is dead ...get over it and goodbye.

    I will continue to pray for you

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    Re: of interest maybe

    away is never long enough

  6. 06-07-2010, 05:41 AM

    tired of this fool

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    Re: of interest maybe

    Still no answer to the simplest of questions and it is a shame your post was deleted instead of insulting and attacking a person you might try just answering the questions in a direct factual manor.

    I understand that is hard for some and obviously your in that lot.

    So here is a possibility you directly answer the questions...ahh but then again

    unfortunately you will never win because you can never see the other perspective and try to understand...

    If the questions were answered and there was an understanding of both sides and since there is/was nothing done illegally. What basis do you have except you are just angry and need to vent... and that is OK we all need that once and a while.

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    Re: of interest maybe

    Dear ASMOTJ , your question has already been answered in the posts previous to your question in the other thread, try to understand and read them please.
    The reason I deleted the latest post is I have become tired of answering your queries and then finding you asking the same question 20 posts later.
    Try to learn please
    I will (as always) pray for you.

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