She is making a lot of money getting people fired up with poor advice, one being her advice on life insurance. If it were up to her, we would go back to the stone age regarding that aspect of financial planning.

If you want to see the Suze fired up, get her talking about whole life insurance.

As has been discussed here before, a needs analysis needs to be done in each persons situation.

In some instances term is suitable, in others whole or universal life is the suitable type.

TV Hosts should NOT be advocating one or the other!

One of her lackies writes:

"Do not buy whole life! Know that term is cheaper and a better deal. Whole life is insurance with a slight savings/investing mix. These slick salespeople get their big paydays when you sign up for whole life. Your first years premium and 3-4% thereafter goes to commissions. Therefore, you won't see much in growth for 15 - 20 years. You would do 10X better with any good mutual fund. Don't let them fool you with claims that your investments are tax free. Its not - per the IRS its tax deferred, not tax free. And due to the extremely high commissions you won't ever see much growth. Just look up on the internet and see how many people amassed great wealth with whole life - you will find the answer is zero! What a rip off! Upon calling numerous experts, the only reason to have whole life is if you are 60-65 or above, or if you are extremely wealthy and want to use it to pay your estate taxes when you die. That is it from the worlds leading experts! Suzie Orman will tell you the same - stay away from whole life!"