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Thread: clickbank??

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    I am just a little concerned about some of the products they have in their network, I try to promote only products I believe are not scams but I am starting to have this fear that if anything happens to them (like a crackdown by the ftc) everyone who uses them could be on the hook.

    so do you think all affiliates and publishers would be on the hook if anything were to happen to clickbank? has they been any crackdown on a company like clickbank which affected affiliates as well?

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    Re: clickbank??

    I think a lot of Clickbank products are overpriced, over hyped and poor quality rather than scams. Clickbank is quite good at honouring refund requests so you can get your money back. In fact the refund rate on one of their products is 90% which speaks volumes about the quality (or complete lack thereof!) and another popular product has a refund rate of 50%. (You can find out refund rates by subscribing to cbengine.com)

    I am no lawyer, but affiliates promoting clickbank products probably have a duty of due diligence and should also not make innacurate claims about any product. If you want to promote a clickbank product via their affiliate program you could always ask the merchant for a (free) review copy or failing that you could buy it yourself.

    This blog is quite good regarding the legal issues surrounding online marketing: http://mikeyounglaw.com/wp/2009/02/0...-with-the-ftc/

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    Re: clickbank??

    There are so many affiliate programs besides Clickbank that offer great products and services. Have you tried any of the others?

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    Re: clickbank??

    I also don't like the way some merchants encourage their affiliates to tell blatant lies. For example:

    This merchant gives you some emails to copy, paste and send out: the first one says "As I write this email there are 27 places left, " but hang on a minute the second one says "There are only 24 places left to become a subscriber as I write this."

    Go to the merchants page http://doublingstocks.com/ and they are also making a false claim: "14 Places Left"

    Of course those copy and paste emails have been there for ages and there is no limit on the number of places - it's a complete lie. No affiliate would send out an emails knowing that the number of sales they and all other competing affiliates would make was limited to 24, or is it 27?

    It's called the scarcity tactic - tell people there are only a few places left so that they 'panic' and buy it worried that they will 'miss out'. [scarcity tactic: designed to create a false sense of urgency with the claim that the product he or she is recommending is in limited supply] Is it legal? I don't know, but it shouldn't be! It's certainly dishonest and unethical!

    The first copy and paste email also says "You see I was surfing the Internet the other day researching trading stocks and I came across an interesting website." while the second email claims that that the site was found via a forum "post was by a user who goes by the username "chronus". What complete hogwash - the only reason someone sending out that email would be doing so would be to earn affiliate commissions not to do their readers a favour by telling them about this great site that they just happenned to "find".

    So yes, although there are a handful of decent products from honest people on clickbank, when it comes to some of the products on there it's also a murky cesspool of dishonesty, hype and false promises - much better to do as Katie suggests and look outside of clickbank at the thousands of other affiliate programs which are on much more solid legal and ethical ground.
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