Guthy Renker, the TV ad company has an MLM. It is based upon the research of Dr. Keller. I am more interested in finding out if his claims of his over-the-counter herbs and nutrients have any 'holes' as to being less than useful. I've read most of the comments here on Nutralife, Monavie, etc. so I know this is the place for critique.

His 'prescriptions' that he uses for his patients are listed on sites and when compared with bottle costs at the local pharmacy or over the internet, after shipping, are closely in liine with the prices as sold by MLM. His concept of building the immune system through glutathione has been complemented by Dr. Nelson, a president of the AMA. It is difficult for MD's to criticize him as he is a top research doctor. The nutrients he packages are all over-the-counter available.

I now have MENSA and university people seeing if there is anything wrong with the claims. According to research here:

"Typically blood glutathione levels for clinically healthy adults do not diminish with age before age 40, are 15% lower for the 40-59 age group, 45% lower for the 60-79 age group, but only 20% lower for the 80-99 age group.

Selective death of the most GSH-deficient persons is the explanation for the relatively higher levels of GSH in the very elderly compared to the 60-79 age group. [JOURNAL OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE; Lang,CA; 4(2):137-144 (2001)]."

This means that if it is right, 5 billion of the 6 billion people of the world could add decades to their lifespan through rebuilding cell immunity to pre- 40 yr old levels, as it goes beyond single 'magic bullet' vitamins or herbs to cure one thing at a time AFTER infection.

If wrong, it is one of the top scams ever. Things that are too good to be true often are.

So far, giving the contents list with the double-blind research done on each of them published on the internet to my doctors, none have critical statements, and no person has any criticism of the doctor's contents nor approach, though it is tough for nurses and laymen to get deep enough.

Mothers often take individual herbs and nutrients on the list to themselves and children. This is the first I heard of combining them to make a synergism.

I won't give web sites that promote here; but if there are interested critics, I can send a url to the data of the contents in PM, not to recruit.