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    BizConnected Furniture a scam!!

    I answered an ad in my local paper for an Bookkeepr/Secretary. Randy Baker e-mailed my back saying he is the CEO of BizConnected Furniture. Basically what I do was cash a check, deduct my salary then wire the rest of the funds to the person I was instructed to. This is the biggest scam ever! I feel dumb falling for it. I cash 4 checks and all the checks have been returned to my bank. I was able to recover some of the funds but the others are gone. Do not fall for this scam!! When I informed Randy Baker of the returned checks he said he was trying to fix the situation. The final e-mail he sent he was pretty much laughing at me because of the amount of money he got from me. If anyone ever sees an ad for Admin/Bookkeeper Secretary do not answer it. It is a scam! Here is the company information...


    901 Western Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Tel:(206) 426-0536
    Fax: 206-309-7257.

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    Re: BizConnected Furniture a scam!!

    This company now goes by Pansy Furniture, Butler and Pansy Furniture, or Pansy Marketing and Auction

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    Re: BizConnected Furniture a scam!!

    This "company" is still active. I recieved an email from them about a Secretary/Assistant job opening for their expanding company. They say they manufacture a full range of solid bedroom furniture from Pine timber, etc. and tell you just have to cash the checks at YOUR bank and deduct your payment for the job. I immediately had red flags going up in my brain from all of the grammitical errors in the email. I thought this might be a scam, so I just typed "Pansy Furniture and Auction" in to the search engine and sure enough there were several site links about this company being a scam. I recieved this email from:
    Micheal Basilio.
    Pansy Furniture and Auction.
    So stay aware! They are obviously still trying to scam people, and they are on actual job websites as well, because that is the only way they would have gotten my email.

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