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    Beware of Funding Universe!!

    I paid Funding Universe $3k to help me improve my business plan for funding under the grounds that i would receive a full refund if their services did not substantially improve upon the services I already paid for with another company in the range of $5k. I have requested their follow through on that commitment multiple times and have received nothing but excuses as to why I don't qualify for a refund now. They also acknowledge that their services were unsatisfactory but will not honor the refund. As far as the service they offered me, they just stated obvious things that I already knew myself and that the other company I am working with has stated. (ie. i don't have any of my own money, i don't have a board of advisors, i don't have financial history as a start up, (duh) etc.) these are all things i am aware of and they want to charge me $3k to tell me the obvious! That's ridiculous. If anything, there's a company called MasterPlans who I would recommend over Funding Universe.

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    Re: Beware of Funding Universe!!

    I am the Venture Consultant to "Raydog1977" and would like to respond to his allegations.

    "Raydog1977" approached Funding Universe the summer of 2008 and asked us to help him prepare his skateboard website for equity funding. "Raydog1977" had paid MasterPlans $5,000 to build his business plan, and while it provided a great foundation, there were multiple pages of errors and omissions that "Raydog1977" had to address before we could put him in front of our Angel Investors.

    I have over 15 years in the Finance Industry and two Master Degrees including an MBA and it was my professional opinion that "Raydog1977" would have been laughed out the door had we presented him and his flawed business plan to our investors. "Raydog1977" first refused to make any changes to his business or his business plan and then disappeared for several months while he returned to full time work.

    Out of the blue and without warning "Raydog1977" sent a demand letter for a full refund of services in December 2008. He later admitted that the demand was a result of being short on cash and he was trying to recoup wherever he could from whomever he could. Funding Universe Management offered to meet "Raydog1977" to discuss the situation but instead were warned by email on February 6, 2009 of the following consequences if we did not give in to his demands.

    May I remind you that this is the information age, that information is readily available at the touch of a button. I will make sure to let the world know, through different mediums, of Funding Universe's unfair practices. End result being a loss of future potential customers and money to Mr. Blake's company.

    By the time you receive this email, the BBB.org should be issuing a letter to Mr. Brock Blake that his perfect record with them is no longer. Believe me when I say that you do not want to provoke me. Swallow your pride Joel and refund me in full now!

    ps. Don't ever challenge your customer's integrity and never call me brother again!!!!! We're not related.

    I invite the viewing public to view the multiple articles and awards that have been written about Funding Universe over our young four year history. We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MSNBC, Motley Fool, FoxBusinessNews and others. We encourage you to see a sampling of these articles here

    In the end, I think the public will consider the accusations "Raydog1977" has leveled at Funding Universe and weigh them against our pristine reputation and come to their own conclusion about who is being forthright.

    Finally, I'm confident enough about this situation that I am willing to add my contact information for anyone who would like to discuss this further. I encourage "Raydog1977" to do the same.


    Joel B. Nielsen
    Venture Consultant
    Funding Universe

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    Re: Beware of Funding Universe!!

    Quote Originally Posted by raydog1977 View Post
    I paid Funding Universe $3k to help me improve my business plan for funding under the grounds that i would receive a full refund if their services did not substantially improve upon the services I already paid for with another company in the range of $5k.
    Did you check their references before paying them that much money? Do you have valid contract? If you do, you may consider legal actions get recover your money.

    Have heard from both sides, it is hard to see who is right and who is wrong. Only a court can make that decision.
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    Re: Beware of Funding Universe!!

    "I can agree in some respects that Joel's approach and his advice was not the best." That is a quote directly from Frank Poulsen, Joel Nielson's superior. My point is very simple. The service's promised by Funding Universe were inferior to what I had paid for with another company as demonstrated by Joel's superior, Frank Poulsen.

    To address Joel's emphasis on my lack of money is true and that is exactly why every dollar counts to me. I have paid for an inferior service from Joel Nielson and Funding Universe. I demand a refund as was promised me by their "salesperson". If Funding Universe is a legitimate company they would not hold onto what little investing money I have to start my business. They are not here to help your business but theirs, bottom line.

    Once again, I do not contest that they offer a good service for those who have nothing, but I came to them with a business plan bought and paid for and was told I would get something valued at $3k above and beyond and didn't. I also have written emails as well as visiting Joel in person and over the phone expressing along the way that I am just not seeing the value in their service. He stated things that were obvious to me with no formal education on my part and also most of which I had already received with MasterPlans. Once again, If I were anyone looking to work with Funding Universe, look elsewhere. MasterPlans did me well and they have my recommendation.

    As a consumer, sometimes the only way we have to deal with the "bullies" out there is to hit them in their wallets. They owe me a refund but whether I get it or not, I will do everything to ensure this never happens again to anyone else like myself.

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    Re: Beware of ******* Universe!!

    Why is *******Universe's name blocked? If anything, their name should be in bold letters. When you rip off a consumer/customer, you should not be allowed to hide. *******Universe ripped me off and took all my money for a poor service. They know exactly what i'm talking about Mr. JoelNielson. I want their name out their for the world to see. They stole my money and I will do everything in my power and in my rights to make sure noone else gets ripped off and stolen from like me.

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    Re: Beware of ******* Universe!!

    i flushed 5,000 dollars down the toilet,
    i have been bounced from rep to rep..all in total 5 people, given the run around and ignored.. and all i have to show for it..is a business plan i had to write myself and some email address of people that i dont even know are investors..

    i am filing a complain with the Better Business Bearu.. i hope no one makes the same mistake i did and trust them with their money.
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