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    The Various e-books on Clickbank

    Good evening, and thank you for maintaining this extremely helpful resource. This is the first of hopefully many posts.

    The basis of my question involves the multitude of e-books on Clickbank touting the "lucrative" affiliate marketing industry. Despite repeated attempts at researching these claims, I've come across very little solid information as to the viability of this industry for new comers.

    It would seem that the barriers to competition have grown so steep through intense competition for the most popular advertising venues (e.g. Google), that it's hard to imagine the little guy coming and and seeing any PPC traffic through a reputable search engine for less than $1.00/click. Additionally, the fall off in impressions for bids under this lend themselves to moot insignificance, whereas on target pricing produces so many impressions and requisite clicks that one would be hard pressed to afford it.

    Is further investigation into this field from an income standpoint at all worth it based on the experiences of the more seasoned on this board?

    Can someone in a less than ideal financial situation make enough to break even in this and eventually see black, or will the new comer be doomed to obsolescence before his/her first steps?

    I sincerely appreciate your replies.

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    Re: The Various e-books on Clickbank

    Well I can only share my experience. I went the manual path - personally creating and distributing about 250 fliers. I got one bite out of that which was enough to cover the costs of printing.
    I'd say there's money to be made if your marketing reaches outside the square a little. But only put into your advertising what you are prepared to lose. Clickbank is kinda cool in that you get to decide how much you want to commit.

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    Re: The Various e-books on Clickbank

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