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    I recently attempted to order a Sony PRS700 e-reader from this company, here is the conversation which ensued thereafter.

    EMAIL #1
    Our credit card processor advised us not to charge the card. In the last
    few days we have received many orders placed
    with stollen credit cards and we have asked them to check the payment
    information before charging it.
    However we can offer you an alternative payment method to complete your
    order using your credit card. You can go to :
    and purchase a gift card with the value of your order - 25 USD ( we would
    like to offer you free shipping for the caused
    At recipients details please enter your name and email and once you
    receive the gift card number email it to us so we can update your order.
    Again when making the payment please don't forget to remove the shipping
    fees from the cost.
    At your disposal ,
    Ami Chizu
    GigaDrive Electronics

    My response...
    Why wouldn't you just ask for payment via paypal then? That would be giving you an unsecured payment of $170 for the ebook reader, i.e. $195 - $25 = $170. Then send you the "Gift Card" number for $170? I think not. I am guessing you are going to get some people on this, but I smell a scam.

    Email #2
    Because paypal locked our account for receiving payments from stolen
    It's not only us in this situation : www.nopaypal.com

    Now, right off the bat this sounds and looks fishy, yet I could find nothing to substantiate the claims from this buisness, if it even is a buisness. I tracked the IP to:
    IP Address: Whois | Reverse-IP | Ping | DNS Lookup | Traceroute IP Location - Texas - Dallas - Softlayer Technologies Inc Response Code: 200 SSL Cert: privatednsserver.com expires in 65 days. Domain Status: Registered And Active Website

    Anyone with any thoughts/ideas/experiance with this site?

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    Re: gigadrive.2-all.org

    Greetings. I've been looking at the Nikon DSLR D90 kit they have on gigadrive.2-all.org for about a month now and keep searching for information about whether this site is legit. This site has been around quite a long time; at least since 2007 which gives me an idea that they haven't been reported as a fraud company. Typically scam sites change their domain name multple times to evade suspicion (which doesn't work if you're paying attention). I've only seen one other forum mention gigadrive and they too are asking questions.

    To comment on your experience, it is possible that paypal may have locked gigadrive out of their account due to people using stolen credit cards - I had a friend who used paypal for ebay sales and ended up having his account locked out. My issue is this. If your credit card statement doesn't directly say that gigadrive was the merchant than you cannot file any fraud reports with them and thus if the site is a scam you won't be able to get your money back.

    Here's what would happen. You buy the gift card from godaddy and thus it shows up as godaddy on your credit card, then you use that gift card on gigadrive's site. If they don't send you anything or send you something that isn't what you ordered your credit card issuer is going to say well godaddy honnored their end of the transaction buy giving you the gift card number. It's almost the same as sending gigadrive a money order. Once that money is out of your hands it's gone for good. :freak3:

    Typically I stick with merchants who have the "verified" logo on their page. There is nothing on gigadrives page that shows they are an authorized dealer of nikon or other brand names and there's no guarantee you'll be able to get in touch with them if something goes wrong. While they may have a great price, is it really worth giving up the saftey net for the money you could save?

    Can't give you much more information than that, but I apprieciate your post as it helps shed more light on the subject for me.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I would think that gigadrive could setup another paypal account or could go with another reputable service similar to paypal to resolve that issue, the fact that they don't seem to be willing to do that makes me wonder.

    One final note, your email was signed Ami Chizu, the email responses I get have the same name, it's possible that this is the only person running this site. Could even be a fake name. I'm thinking about setting up a free acount on one of those email tracking services and seeing what that service reports. I've done that to people before and found all sorts of information about them. One guy was forwarding his emails through three different services; perhaps trying to cover his tracks.

    Take Care,

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