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    Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    Anyone heard of them? They are headed up by Law Offices of Fransen & Molinaro in Corona, CA. I did a search of them and it seems Paul Molinaro is cutting and pasting the same "info on bad loan modification companies" on several websites, including this one. Are they legit? Anyone use them and if so, was the outcome to your liking? Thanks!

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    Re: Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    Well, I've heard of me. And yes, I've been posting the same info on boards where I hope troubled borrowers will see it and take heed. I also try to go back to those boards and answer questions or take part in the discussion if I can. I'm not trying to SPAM and run... though I guess I could be accused of SPAM and stay. Please check us out on as many places as you can... call my office... speak with me or my staff (we have six attorneys and about 60 non-attorneys). But no matter who you hire (and I really mean it) whether my firm or someone else, please do you homework, quiz the crap out of them about what they can and cannot do for you. This is YOUR HOME. This is no time to be lazy, act out of desperation, or get sucked into believing what you want to hear (when it's just smoke). You are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars and the place you live. Check state bar websites, talk to friends and family. Use the Internet. If you have a family member or really close friend that is an experienced real estate professional, have that person talk to the lawyer you plan to hire to see if he or she knows what they're doing. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.
    - Paul J. Molinaro, Esq.

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    Re: Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    Modifyloan.net is owned and operated by none other than "Moe "The Moeniac" Bedard:rasta:of loansafe. You will find that his company "MHLoanpro" owns the domain name. In fact, as of today 4-28-2009, www.mhloanpro.com has the same data on it as www.modifyloan.net. Moe Bedard:rasta: operates many websites, among them loansafe.org. On loansafe.org, there are links to the attorneys though "modifyloan.net". Moe Bedard:rasta: leases this exclusive lead generation website to attorneys who in turn, pay Moe Bedard:rasta: a "marketing" fee and they are required to use Loan Safe Solutions as their loan modification processing company.

    So, in very basic terms, Moe Bedard:rasta: has an exclusive law firm relationship that he reps on modifyloan.net. Loansafe.org parks the banner ad for modifyloan.net on its site. Moe Bedard:rasta: leases this banner ad to the attorneys for a marketing fee.

    Nathan Fransen & Paul Molinaro are attorneys who were representing homeowners with various loss mitigation, loan modification, , litigation, etc. long before Moe Bedard:rasta:got out of prison in early 2007. In fact, these guys were gracious enough to give Moe his first break, allowing him to build his loansafe.org site during summer 2007 with some of their advice, and some of the very first loansafe clients were referred to Fransen & Molinaro for assistance.

    Then, Moe has a bit of a "falling out" with the firm. (You'll see a pattern of "fallings out" with attorneys starting here.)

    Marshall Rosenbach of Beverly Hills comes along next. Marshall is a good guy, works on many cases for modifyloan.net in the early stages (late 2007 through spring 2008) but schlepping out to Corona from the tony environs of Beverly Hills somehow didn't seem all that attractive to come on board full time. In May 2008, Marshall declines to be the primary attorney taking cases for modifyloan.net.

    Along comes attorney Greg Paiva. Greg is the exclusively referred loansafe.org and modifyloan.net attorney from May 2008 through September 2008.

    Next, we have James Griswold and Pernell Agdeppa, the firm of Griswold & Agdeppa as the exclusive attorneys with modifyloan.net. They received the leads and phone calls from September 2008 through January/February 2009.

    Now, we have the law firm of Fransen & Molinaro as the exclusive recipients of loansafe.org and modifyloan.net leads. They started in late January 2009 and as of this writing, April 28, 2009 still the chosen law firm.

    So, a quick recap is in order regarding the attorneys and their relationship with Moe Bedard, loansafe.org and/or the website "modifyloan.net".

    1st, Fransen & Molinaro
    2nd, Marshall Rosenbach
    3rd, Gregory Paiva
    4th, Griswold & Agdeppa
    5th, Fransen & Molinaro

    Check it out, it has not even been 2 years, and Moe has been "through" 6 attorneys! Out of respect to the attorneys, we won't discuss any details of the causal factors that are related to the termination of the relationships. Let's just say that it was not their "faults."

    Here is some more reading material about "The Moeniac":rasta:

    Moe Bedard "sexist & racist" email:

    Moe Bedard violent criminal past"

    Last bit of info: All of the attorneys mentioned here have done an admirable job of representing their homeowner clients. Any damage to their names or reputations that may come about because of their past relationship with Moe Bedard, is, in my opinion (and probably a lot more opinions!) completely unfounded.
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    Re: Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    This guy is bad news.
    Google his name in quotes
    "Moe Bedard" criminal.

    See the proof for yourself.

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    Re: Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cali101872 View Post
    Anyone heard of them? They are headed up by Law Offices of Fransen & Molinaro in Corona, CA. I did a search of them and it seems Paul Molinaro is cutting and pasting the same "info on bad loan modification companies" on several websites, including this one. Are they legit? Anyone use them and if so, was the outcome to your liking? Thanks!
    No, but my husband went with this Robert Clay thing to get a mortgage modification, and we are just getting a run around and for just a $75.00 deduction! This has been going on since August and still nothing! The bank is dragging their feet, and now this modification company! He is ready to give up! At least we did not send any money. The bad thing is our personal info is now "out there".

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    Re: Anyone heard of ModifyLoan.net?

    I am looking for Pernell Agdeppa or James Griswold. They are or were associated with ModifyLoan.net and may ahve been part of the Molino firm.. My client has a judgment against Agdeppa & Griswold arising out of an apparent failure to do the mortgage related work they were hired to do, and it appears to me that they are ducking service. All email comes back undeliverable and repeated service attempts have failed at all the different addresses I have for them (including the address they use for the state bar). If anyone knows where either attorney actually works (as opposed to the satellite offices they do not seem to be at) I would love knowing where it is. My next step is to contact the county bar and see if I can take out an ad that offers a reward for finding him. Any help would be appreciated.
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