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    Helen Newton Las Vegas Reining Trainer Assistant

    Terry Berg and Helen Newton sometimes refer to themselves as Santa Fe Reiners or LVreiners.
    Terry is supposed to be some accomplished horse trainer. Well she puts on a good show but thatís about it. In the meantime her partner, Helen Newton is in the back ground drumming up billing items to slam you with a bill that you number one never agreed to and number two if you did agree to a bill itís always for way more than you agreed on.
    They try to bill at the rates top name current money earners in Reining bill. They invite you to a show and then send you a bill. When you confront them about the bill they get all nasty and tell you tough.
    Well they just got run off from yet another property; we will see how long it is on the next one. Stay clear, they will drain your pockets and tell you your horse is going to be the best when in fact it may or may not even be a reining horses etc. They pray on the week and unknowing people and parents. You have been warned. Take your time find a trainer that has past and present references and take your time picking one.

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    Re: Helen Newton Las Vegas Reining Trainer Assista

    Helen Newton a trainer????hahhahahahahahha that's a good one!!! She's an old worn out wanna be that wishes she had one ounce of talent...She's so stupid she can't see Terry just "married" her for her money...what a joke..both of them.

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