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    Shocking Interview: Leo Wanta, U.S. Secret Service Treasury official speaks out!

    Leo Wanta, U.S. Secret Service Treasury official speaks out

    Thu., March 23, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )
    This is one interview you shouldn't miss!

    Greg talked with former Ambassador Leo Wanta, a former U.S. Treasury
    official under President Ronald Reagan. Wanta spend 134 days in a
    Swiss dungeon and is still serving, under house arrest in Switzerland,
    10 years of a 22 year sentence for bogus Wisconsin income tax charges.

    Wanta tells how he saved President Reagan from an assassination
    attempt, as well as how he gave Vince Foster $250 million earmarked
    for The Childrens' Fund and its chairman Hillary Clinton right before
    Foster was found dead.

    Wanta also holds the financial key to perhaps one of the biggest bank
    heists in U.S. history, amounting to $752 billion of money stolen by
    the Illuminati that should be in the U.S. Treasury. He also was
    appointed trustee of $27 trillion, made as U.S. profits during the
    days he helped orchestrate the destabilization of the Russian

    A recent federal court ruling held in favor of Wanta's trustee
    authority of the enormous amount of money, an appointment made by
    Reagan. Presently, he said the only thing keeping him alive is "I know
    where the money is and they don't," wanting to return it to the U.S.
    Treasury and the American people before the criminals in Washington,
    including Bush and Clinton, manipulate the money into private accounts
    using the fraudulent Federal Reserve system to their advantage.

    A must listen for all U.S. Citizens...


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    Re: Shocking Interview: Leo Wanta, U.S. Secret Service Treasury official speaks out!

    Yup, sounds like a load of **** to me !! Let me just ask you a few questions just to help me understand where you're coming from here.. If this guy is telling the truth, how would he be able to get on the phone and talk to public radio while he's in jail in switzerland? Don't you think our gov. would have a tighter leash on him than that if he held the key to the "Illumanati's trust fund" ? Another question, is if this is all true and he was able to talk on the phone to someone about it, why would it be the public broadcast network ?? Not too many people are gonna hear about it there.. Sorry, just stinks like **** to me !

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