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    zero debt in 90 Days

    Does anyone know about the service that John Gliha offers?

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    Re: zero debt in 90 Days

    From his website

    It includes three secrets to Stopping Collection Calls in 30 Seconds, Get your free 90 page copy of How I Made $65,000 in Credit Card Debt Disappear in 90 Days!
    I know this cheap trick. It is called "Stop & Decease Letter". It basically makes your Collection Agency stop calling you, but it does not absolve you of debt. Your lender will send request to another Collection Agency and collection calls will be back in few days.

    We are not investors, we are not bankers or attorneys or real estate agents. What we are a group of people just like you that are just sick and tired of the housing crash. We got together and combined our resources and formed a service to help people and punish the banks at the same time.
    What they described is an insurance/credit agency. Do they have license for that?

    Heck they are probably the most regulated business on the planet. But they don't keep good records! Their sloppiness can be worth at least two years of mortgage payments to you, not to mention possibly getting your house FREE AND CLEAR.
    Not Free and Clear. It is a common knowledge right now that there are certain forms you can file that can cause a bank or house loan originating institution to spend few month searching for original documents. But again it is nothing more than a trick. They will typically find everything in few month and it is back to foreclosure.

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    Re: zero debt in 90 Days

    Thanks Boris, I am gathering all information in my little brain and will post my end assimilation when I am done.
    the system is more whacked than one might think....:madgo:

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    Re: zero debt in 90 Days

    Hey there FarmerJane..
    I know your last response is over a year old but I was wondering how things are going with John's course?

    I also did a lot of research on the banking system and by using a modified version of a process a friend gave me, I ended up getting over $45k charged off and I'm now working on getting my credit restored.

    It sounds like you were finding out that the entire system is corrupt and based on lies and fraud as well, and I'm curious how things are going for you.
    Dr. John Michael Christian MSC.D

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    Re: zero debt in 90 Days

    hmmm. you charged up $45k at fancy resturants then refused to pay?

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    Re: zero debt in 90 Days

    Read the thread on the asset protector group...and I mean the entire thing.
    It is on the 1st page of investment scams...

    Both groups are very similar.

    it is my understanding that Ron Bostons group essentially stole everything from john Gliha. I also think Gliha's package is much cheaper.

    But to echo what Boris said...don't think your work is done in 90 days. While you may get a form of legal protection...there are risks involved and you need to be aware of those.
    Creditors aren't completely stupid...they will sell to collectors and then other collectors. You will get calls. But...you can severly hamper their ability to collect. (If you are willing to accept certain risks.)
    "Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid."
    -John Wayne

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