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    Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel - bank card fraud

    I spent two nights at Hilton Miami Downtown in January 2009. I reserved and payed the room in December 2008 through bookinhotels.com.

    I received a voucher from bookinhotels.com which was accepted by Hilton Miami Downtown.

    After one and half month the hotel tried to charge my bank card for the price of the two nights. Their explanation: the agency hasn't paid them so I have to pay for the room.

    So, according to them I am responsible for they entered into contract with an unreliable legal entity.

    Following this funny train of thought imagine that you purchase a BMW at a car seller. A few month later you receive a demand note from the BMW factory, Stuttgart, Germany that you have to pay them again for the car you purchased because the wholesaler hasn't payed them for your car. Would you pay???

    So beware of Hilton! At least don't give them your bank card upon your arrival (they ask for it).

    Should anyone interested about my correspondance to the hotel staff and general manager (as a proof of the story), please indicate and I send it.

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    Re: Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel - bank card fraud

    I don't understand.. the company you paid, never paid the hotel for the stay? I would imagine that the hotel accepting the certificate is almost like you getting a bad check from someone. You give someone cash.. they write you a check, the check bounces at your bank, you are responsible for the check.

    As far are you BMW analogy.. there was a car dealership locally that sold cars.. "financed" the cars, but never paid the company for the cars. The dealership was shut down, the company got their cars back, the customers were left with an empty spot in their driveway.

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