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    Google(!)violating the law - not honoring pricing!

    Google itself violating the law - not honoring the pricing it's offering!

    I posted the following to a Google Group:
    Google Helpers.

    Google deleted the post, and banned me from the group!

    I just read this thread from this groups from this past July:
    Reporting price fraud on Google shopper (froogle)
    at http://groups.google.com/group/Googl...bc1865f3a244b0
    Well, it's worse. You'd think google would at least honor the prices
    when google checkout is used to buy products advertised on google

    I went here, and see at least TWO errors:

    These two ads are unlawful:

    $6.99 w/Free shipping @ eBay

    $7.57 with tax and free shipping @ Bundlecity.com Accepts Google

    The ebay item is listed with "Shipping: US $4.02"!

    The Bundlecity.com item checks out via Google Checkout with Total:

    Now, I would have some sympathy with google if the the sellers were
    fly by night operations over which google has limited control, but
    here, there's NO EXCUSE. Google is in full control. The ebay listing
    has the Shipping charge in the standard place. And Google Checkout is
    offered, so google can ensure the pricing offered is the pricing
    charged. I've already bought the product. If google overcharges me,
    I'll be providing the saved page showing the advertised price, and
    referring to CA B&P code 12024.2, as well as
    the latter makes them liable for a $2500 fine, the former a $1000

    http://www.google.com/search?&q=bait and switch california law


    That link that Gogol posted no longer works.

    I'm surprised; I never would have expected 'do no evil' Google to stoop to such a low.

    I have received no communication from Google or the seller.

    It appears that they canceled the order, but they charged my credit card (
    $14.57!!) anyway.:madgo: :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Google(!)violating the law - not honoring pric

    Google blocked me from reviewing the order, or accessing information about it, but removed the block today or yesterday. Bundlecity, Inc. may well be an innocent victim. I got an email from them indicating they did ship the product.:spin2: Also, their ad now shows correctly. :sun_smiley:Ebay ads are still displayed fraudulently-there are 2, one says free shipping, but shipping is $4 when you click through.
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