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    Mww Publishing Is A Scam

    The owners of Madison Who's Who (Scott Minuta & Matt Schwartz) have a new scam up their sleeves...its called MWW Publishing. This is the same scam as Madison Who's Who, but with a different name.

    The reason they registered a new name with the New York County Clerk is because Madison Who's Who has so much negative publicity that they practically can no longer use it.

    They think they are clever, by registering this new entity with their not so new office in Carle Place, Long Island.

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    Re: Mww Publishing Is A Scam

    Madison / Cambridge Who's Who is a scam

    Their scam documents are also public on scribd.com


    Download and send to others to piss them off and pass on awareness of this scam. Do not fall for their sales pitch and do not give them your credit card / debit card information. They steal thousands of dollars from personal bank accounts each year and have complaints filed against them.

    They have continued many scam operations despite the unethical and illegality of their operations.



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    Re: Mww Publishing Is A Scam

    I use to work in that hell hole and like many of us we were only there because it's NYC people need money to pay the rent. One of the things I found to be disturbing was number one they hired any and any body. They never did any background checks and sensitive information about customers were always exposed.

    I have worked in other customer service environments in the past where everything was being done on a computer screen but at Madison Who's Who it was all written on paper including credit card accounts, addresses etc

    Yes at the end of the day you were required to go up to this area they had and dump all the paper work to be shredded but whose to say that that all the workers were doing that.

    In all honesty when I worked there I saw that this company could put people in jeopardy and even inspire identity theft aside from the fact that I think they are a scam and full of bullshit. I found them to be very sloppy when it came to safe guarding peoples information.

    Towards the end when I was there. They started getting a little organized and would shred paper but again anything can happen. Any body who works there could still easily steal peoples name, address and credit card information and commit identity theft.
    And last I checked it's ILLEGAL for companies to not take extreme measures to protect customers information.

    If you want to network and make meaningful contacts then go to Linkedin.

    Companies like them are a waste of time:judges:

  4. 10-09-2011, 03:48 AM

    seo spam?

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