What they really mean is "Buy term and invest the difference with me!

So why is term insurance so bad, if you only want coverage for a specified period of time? And with term, you can get more coverage for less money? Doesn't sound so terrible to me, if that is what one wants.

Why is whole life better? Why is it not a scam?

What is so honest about "forced savings", and being allowed to borrow your own money, and pay interest to get it, while it reduces the amount of face value coverage while your loan to yourself is outstanding?

They "force" you to save by insinuating that you are too stupid to save for yourself elsewhere at a higher ROI?

Sure they can pay you a dividend - out of the overpriced payments you paid to them to get the coverage in the first place.

Seems like WL and TL both have their place, and I am not a proponent of ALW, but I thought the point was to get the best price you can for whatever you are buying.