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    Herman Padilla from Hillside H&R Inc.

    Do us all a favor and politely tell Herman he is simply incompetent and shouldn't be in this business if you come into contact with him about shelf corps or funding in general. He is nothing but a project manager who pays people who again are incompetent to do the work to build out the corp and they do a shoddy job at that. you will not get funded if you work with this clown. He has no idea what he is doing. He owes me personally 19,000 just on the corp program and I haven't seen a dime of it back yet.

    So this is a warning if you come into contact with this guy politely tell him to go into another business.

    Since this has happened to me I have dived into this corporate funding arena head first and I know how to build out a corp in a matter of weeks instead of 4mos like this joker. And build it out correctly so it is ready for funding.

    Everything was botched right down to the seasoning of the corp. Out of the gate instead of getting a 6+ year old corp I recieved a 5 year corp. the corp has a 80 paydex but its biggest tradeline is the guy bought 250 dollars worth of cookies. Sorry but that shit ain't gonna fly to an underwriter. What a joke. No virtual office, no local phone number, no other legit tradelines, the damn sec of state information wasn't even updated for christ sakes.

    He claimes to be doing this since the 1980's. And supposedly he has had some success in the past on his CPN programs. But CPN's are a thing of the past now.

    Shannon Severijn

    (Herman if you read this I'm still waiting for my money man. I would hate to have to take this to court. It wouldn't benefit either one of us).

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    Re: Herman Padilla from Hillside H&R Inc.

    Hi Shannon,
    My husband and I gave Herman Padilla $3500 for a loan modification. Within six months of this they closed down shop opened up another business and have now relocated to Burbank (under a new name of course). I was wondering if you could give me any feedback that could be helpful when I take him to court. Did you ever receive your money? Did you go to court? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Herman Padilla from Hillside H&R Inc.

    You're lucky he only took $3500.00 from you. I got scammed out of $8700.00 from him and Gina Padilla. I paid Hillside a $3000.00 for a modification that Warren Stewart and Amanda were doing for my husband and I back in 8/2009. During that time Mr. Warren Stewart recommended to us to talk with Gino Padilla and his group, which was a separate business, about doing a debt consolidation. I thought it was an odd concept but, I've heard of other people getting through there debt this way and thought it was time to start tackling my debt. I signed a contract with Gina Padilla and began making debt consolidation payments to their company Hillside Financial Services. Payments of $1250 mailed to Gina Padilla every month beginning November 2009. Then I started getting the calls from my debtors, then legal documents by processes servers. I began writing letters and mailing them certified & register to debt collectors to contact Gino or Herman Padilla because they would not call them or act as a negotiator on my behalf to consolidate the debt. THE LAST TIME I HAD CONTACT WITH HERMAN I talked to him on the phone and understood he was playing a game with me- A SCAM. He had no intentions of doing anything except taking my money. He was very convoluted in his conversation and tried to be confusing but, I've been married to a Lawyer and worked with Doctors that have tried that manipulation tactic with me and it doesn't work.
    I've seen his name on face book bragging about how he bought a yacht, probably with everyones money he sole and how much fun he is having.... I hope he drowns!
    Incidentally, the modification that Hillside and Warren Stewart did for us worked out in the long run but, there were a lot of issues with it. Whether or not it was an error on Hillsides part or Bank of American I will never know but, I had to contact the CEO of BofA in order to get it right. Good luck to you with your modification. DON'T GIVE UP! THE BANKS WANT YOU TO DO THAT! They want your house! PS- We plan of suing Herman in Small Claims court for part of our money he scammed me out of. I suggest you do the same.

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