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    Verizon wireless card problem by Maria V. Marcotte

    Don't go to a verizon wireless store and purchase a wireless card until youíve read all the details. I specifically asked a Verizon phone representative and told them I would be downloading a lot of very large graphic files which I was looking for a wireless card. I was told by the salesperson that there were customers that download all kinds of movies which are even larger and they have never gone over. So based on that I went ahead and purchased the card which was $53.00. The first month was fine no problems at all. The second month I went over a little bit about 20.00 but I thought that was just equipment charges so I didnít really look into it which was my fault. The third month I was severely charged over by almost 200.00 which they did take care of the overage charges but I told them I did not expect these monthly charges to be this high as I was told that I could cancel the line but they will charge me 165.00 termination fee. I feel that their sales rep lied to me and told me that the plan would be more than sufficient for what I needed to do. but all said and done it did not. now they want to charge me a termination fee for their mistake and misrepresentation. So please stay away from verizon wireless at all costs, maybe some of there services are great but not what I witnessed. Maria Marcotte:rotz:
    Maria Marcott

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    Re: Verizon wireless card problem by Maria V. Marc

    Did the verizon sales rep tell you there was no limit? Based on your story, it sure sounds like you knew there was a limit to how much you could download.

    Did you take the sales rep statement to mean that you could use as much bandwidth as you wanted and the limits no longer applied to you?

    You have to take a little personal responsibility for your actions.

    If I go into a verizon store and say I want a cell phone for personal use and they say based on my description, that 1,000 minutes a month sounds about right- does that mean that I can now use 2,000 minutes and just blame the store for giving me the wrong plan?

    I am sure they gave you the limits of your plan. I am reasonably sure they have tools that allow you to view how much bandwidth you have used. Do you take any responsibility for your own actions?

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