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    Beware of an e-mail of Euro business guide!!

    For those who received an e-mail of the EU Business Services Ldt. company BEWARE!!!

    This Dutch company offers companies to register on the Euro Business Guide and to send u a CD-Rom containing a list of the European companies.

    No mention of the price!!

    When u receive the e-mail, there is no terms and conditions of use for registration enclosedonly the application form!! In order to consult such information you will hav to go on their website.

    But if u return the form without paying too much attention you ended up receiving an invoice of 995 euros to have the name your company inserted on their website, a CD-Rom that is the perfect copy of the CD-Rom an nothing else!!!

    995 euros is the price for one year registration and if you don't cancel your subscription then they will reconduct the contract automatically for 3 years.

    If you try to contact their customers' service:
    - by e-mail, u get no answer;
    - the fax is not working;
    - by mail, they don't answer they just send u back the invoice reminder
    - by phone, they can't do anything for u, won't listen: it's a call center..

    Moreover, they threaten to sue you if you don't pay, after they tricked you!!!

    So beware..

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    Re: Beware of an e-mail of Euro business guide!!

    unfortunately they sent already the invoice to us for the second years in a row and yesterday even a letter from a global collectors (lawyer/sollicitors).
    Trashed them both as I have no intention to pay

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    Re: Beware of an e-mail of Euro business guide!!

    The whole thing with Euro Business Guide started 2 years ago, when they first asked to add our company name for free on their company list.
    The second year again the same letter arrived and we signed and chopped tinking that it was again for free; few days later the invoice for 990 euro arrived which obviously we didnt pay and again this year the same with a reminder as well as a letter from a Global Collectors Company which I assume is involved with them.

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