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    Bank of the West

    A family member cashed a 3 month old (stale dated) check that overdrew my account.

    That is not the problem. I did not know what caused the fee in my account and called 800-488-2265 to find out what the fee was for.

    The CSR stated that a certain check had been returned. I was surprised because my previous bank ( which I still have and am going back to) paid anything up to $550 but of course charged lots of overdraft fees.

    When I mentioned this I got a lecture of sorts from the CSR and asked her to please act professionally. Then she let me have it with both barrels and laid into me about responsibility and such.

    I believe CSR's are there to assist customers with the details of their accounts not offer their opinions about checking account responsilities.

    Banks make big bucks on these fees but I have never in my whole life listened to this kind of demeaning lecture by a bank customer service representative.

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    Bank of the West

    Kevin of Redondo Beach CA (12/30/08)
    The Bank of The West branch in Redondo Beach, CA is the WORST! Bad customer service, unreliable information to customers, ugly people (Lies), and just plain rude.

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