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    Response from PA AG on my I-deal complaint

    I received an initial response from the PA Attorney General's office that indicates that they do not think my complaint is without merit. And I-deal did another round of DQ's in the last few days. This pertains to the consumersavingcenter.com site and freeluxurywatch.com.

    Please emember that I am not asking for a tv or watch that I have not qualified for. I am only requesting the opportunity to complete the three additional deals that were cancelled for me. I fully admit that I repeated deals, but am making the claim that the T&C only states that I should not get credit for those offers, NOT that my entire account should be DQ'd. I sent the entire T&C from the site to the PA attorney general for them to make their determination. Here is the response:

    The Bureau of Consumer Protection has attempted to mediate your complaint. Unfortunately, out efforts to date have been unsuccessful. Your complaint has been transferred to our legal staff for review and further proceedings if appropriate. When all the facts have been gathered and avaluated, the Bureau of Consumer Protection will advise you of its decision in this matter. Should our office file a legal action, your complaint will be included in any such proceedings.

    I don't know if any complaints get dismissed at this stage or if all get transferred to the legal staff.

    Anyway, they replied VERY quickly to this -- the complaint was received by them on March 23. And interestingly enough, their office is in Harrisburg is approximately 1/4 of a mile away from I-deal's registered corportate address -- literally three blocks away.

    So please file with these guys if you have been DQ'd for duplicate offers or for any reason you do not think is legitimate. If they get some and critical mass of filings this will surely help get things going.

    And remember, if you are owed a $3000 television, that's how much you are losing out on, not the $25 that you spent doing the offers.

    Compaint form: http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/complaints.aspx?id=451

    Official contact info for I-deal:

    213 MARKET ST 3RD FL
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    Re: Response from PA AG on my I-deal complaint

    I'm glad you at least got a reply...I've heard nothing from them and I filed a complaint before you did. (My issue was non-credit for 2 offers I did and non-receipt of the GC). Anyway, good luck! :)

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