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Thread: Timeshare Scams

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    RCI Points Timeshare Members in California (CA)

    Resort Condominiums International (RCI) has been involved in a number of lawsuits outside CA involving their RCI Points timeshare exchange program. We are filing a lawsuit in CA under CA consumer laws. CA residents who are RCI Points members who may have claims based on RCI’s resort inventory quality and availability, exchange fees, exchange rules and procedures, etc, if you would like to share your concerns with me, we can determine if you may become a member of a class action. Contact Steve at [email protected] and/or post your comments.

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    "attorney Common Issues Caution Next To Timeshare"

    The attorney general of Minnesota, Lori Swanson, unconfined a report regarding the dangers of timeshare scams. Swanson warns that with the under pressure economy, a group of schemers are looking out for simple victims such as timeshare owners who can’t have enough money any longer visiting nor paying advance, safeguarding fees and taxes of the timeshares they own.

    Even more disturbing are schemers who are looking out to discriminate against owners who would like to sell their timeshares. Scammers make believe to be operators and would focus their misdeeds towards possible timeshare sellers, charitable promises of buyers waiting. In swap over, schemers require open payment for the services they make as well as closing costs.

    The Attorney General offers a number of recommendations on protecting one’s self from timeshare retail scams. Be wary of paying honest fees, deals that sound too good to be real, transfer money through wire, and fancy addresses or titles. Finally, always insist the whole thing to be in writing.

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    Re: "attorney Common Issues Caution Next To Timesh

    Are the readers aware that the Grupo Mayan are using the name of Wyndham, that they have an agreement between them, for some of their properties. So the next time you think that you are dealing with a property from a "known, reputable company" it is the scammer company "Grupo Mayan".


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    I do know

    Yeah,I knew this! give us more pls.

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    The main issue in this link is not about us

    Dear Readers,

    True to our commitment to Customer Care and in an attempt to resolve Ms. Christopher’s situation in good faith; we contacted her and offered a resolution. Verbally, she had agreed to stop posting during our negotiations and accepted them without hesitation.

    Needless to say, she has made it clear it is not in her interest to cooperate in resolving this matter at all as she continues to post compulsively. We cannot negotiate in this manner. We have principles and our integrity is being compromised.

    We host thousands of satisfied guests every week and we measure the caliber of our quality through several mediums in an attempt to improve on a daily basis. In fact, the company employs and trains thousands of individuals that work hard day and night to satisfy each and every guest and her bogus accusations without support are unacceptable. We have received many certifications that prove her accusations are completely untruthful.

    Therefore, as we had said before, we will not continue entertaining libel online and Ms. Christopher has our contact information if she would like to cooperate in the way we had offered to resolve this matter. We will no longer continue any communications with her if we are not contacted through the proper channels. Our email is [email protected] and our telephone number is 1-800-292-9446, from the UK you can reach us at 0-800-096-9367.

    Hopefully one day, she will understand that our intentions are honest and she will let us complete our negotiations.

    Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter. We are truly sorry she is not letting us help her.

    Karen Rose
    Customer Support Representative.

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    Grand Premier Vacation and Timeshare Scams

    There is a scam going on in a lot of states where these good sypathetic folks who seem to be outstanding citizens in the community, offer to get your out of your timeshare, but it costs you, yes you money when they put you into a vacation product which they have interest in called Grand Premier Vacations. They don't have the product that they represent and are being investigated by the State of Missouri, and I will be filing a claim with the State of Utah. The buying company is usually a smaller company, example STS Acquisitions and M & H Acquisitions with an office in Park City Utah. They tell you that they will take over you time share and pay the maintenance fees, in exchange for the purchase of the vacation program. I can't reach the people any longer, and I'm scared that I've lost my timeshare which is a deeded property and my $3300 to get into the phony vacation plan. Please respond if this has happened to you and lets see if we can get more to complain and do something to these people HELP

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    Re: Grand Premier Vacation and Timeshare Scams

    Grand Premier Vacations is running the same scam in D'Iberville, MS at the Wingate hotel. I got offered a "free cruise" and round trip airfares to attend.

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    Trying Sell My TimeShare But have a question

    im glad i found this forum ive learned alot so far... but i have a question im looking to sell my timeshare that i have in the Bahamas and i ran across this site has anyone sold there timeshare through them there website is www.home-investor.info

    Im looking to get rid of it quickly so if anyone has any good advice on a site they have used or the one i posted above please let me know

    thanks and glad to be apart of this community

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    Re: Trying Sell My TimeShare But have a question

    You say that you are looking to get rid of it quickly...

    Some people think you will be lucky if you can get rid of it at all without just giving it away.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Timeshare Scam By Direct Timeshare Buyers

    Quote Originally Posted by neans29 View Post
    I decided to go check it out after recieving a flier in the mail.
    Well, I'm glad you and everyone left, but sadly... you went to check them out. So the scammers got you to take action --- "by attending the event"...

    But its good to know you didn't follow through with it.
    I'm sure some people do go ahead with the scam.

    maybe these group of fraudsters where not as effective at lying as they needed to be.

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    Re: Timeshare Scam By Direct Timeshare Buyers

    Timeshare is a name I've been hearing for more then ten years now. I'm surprised it still exists...

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    Don't Get Scammed Selling Your Timeshare

    Lucy Gardner from http://www.luxuryresort-services.com contacted me initially by phone asking if I was interested in selling my timeshare. I gave them my email address and they sent me a quote for $27K. Much hgher than I expected, so I then started looking at other details such as their website and the fact that they don’t have a phone number listed on their site. It’s just a form that you submit to get in touch with them. I did a search on some of their customer testimonials on the internet only to find that the same customer testimonials were in another website however, the names were different. This other site was http://exchangepropertymanagement.com. Not only that, but their websites are pretty much identical. The only difference is that this website is based out of New York instead of Oregon. http://exchangepropertymanagement.com did have phone numbers but none of them work. I did a search for this company and found out a lot of people had been scammed by these crooks. I learned exactly how the scam works. Basically, they get the “contract” going then they tell you that the Mexican government requires the taxes on the transaction to be paid up front. These will need to be paid out of pocket by the seller and once you send them the funds for the taxes, you never ear from them again. They take any money they can from you in this manner of “Closing” costs for the transaction then eventually shut down their operation and open a new site doing exactly the same thing. These people are stealing thousands from innocent individuals and should be prosecuted for their actions.

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    Dynamic Timeshare Finders

    Hi Everyone,
    I got an email from "Joe Bell' from Dynamic Timeshare Finders on 1/16/2012. The first email Subject "I want to buy your timeshare"

    This is what he wrote....
    Hello my name is Joe Bell and I saw your timeshare for sale on Timesharehelper.com, I am looking to buy a unit at your timeshare resort on behalf of one of our clients. We are NOT a timeshare resale company we are a property locating service and we Cater to the needs of people who want to buy timeshares and campgrounds and the best part is The Buyer Pay our fees’s and commissions.
    Your timeshare is a perfect match for one of our clients and we would like to make you an offer to buy your timeshare. So if your timeshare is still for sale please email me your phone number with area code or call me and i will present you with our clients offer to buy your timeshare. We are NOT a timeshare resale company we are a property locating service and we are going to buy your timeshare and the best part is our client pay our fee’s and commissions. After we talk on the phone I can then email you a signed written offer for the purchase of your timeshare.
    Thank You
    Joe Bell

    I called his number that he left he said he had someone make an offer already. Which seemed weird b/c Joe didn't know anything about the resort and I am sure any legit company ask questions. He did ask me how much I wanted for it, I said between $20,000 and $24,000. He said that his clients made an offer for $22,700 and the contract is signed. Joe then said he would send the contract over.

    I received the contract and it looked sketchy one because the clients (Brian and Valarie Kinter) signed the contract on 1/2/2012 (why would they sign a contract when their rep "Joe" hadn't even spoken to me yet?) and two the last part where I would have to pay fees."Seller agrees to pay the City and County transfer Taxes $47.12, Title search fee $99.00, and Money Transfer Fee $12.00".

    I called Joe right back and he explained everything on the contract but was very vague about it. Then babbled about how Timeshare realtors/companies are going to be going out of business within the next 10 years..... To make a long story short he said that I would have to pay the fees ($47.12+$99.00+47.12) through Western Union. That raised a red flag. I told him I was not going to send any money. He got angry and said that he had other people that would take the offer.....I told him that he should go with them. He hung up on me.

    I got a call today (1/18/2012) from some lady that said she worked for the company. She said she was just following up and that they have another offer. I told her I was not interested.

    Has anyone ever heard of this company? I do not want anyone to send money to this guy if it is not legit! Scammers are a waste of time and I hope they all get caught.
    Dynamic Timeshare Finders address is
    348 Cotton Ave
    Macon, GA 31201
    Their crappy website is

    If anyone has any information please let me know.

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    Re: Dynamic Timeshare Finders

    After further investigating I found out this is a scam. Someone fell for the scam and stated they lost $200+. Check out the review for Dynamic Timeshare Finders http://www.merchantcircle.com/busine.....478-227-7909

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    Re: Dynamic Timeshare Finders

    yes, it is a scam. the scammer just wants you to send money by western union. western union allows scammers to pick up money anywhere and remain anonymous. never used for any business purpose!

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    Timeshare Nightmares

    Have you ever gone on a trip and got roped into a timeshare tour for a free jetski rental or dinner or cash?

    They generally say the tour is an hr and a half and you'll be out at noon. They always have coffee, cookies, bagels, fruit, and especially mimosas or champagne (to loosen ya up).

    I actually bought a timeshare once but I was 22 years old and a little naive.

    Post your timeshare nightmares here.

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