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Thread: Timeshare Scams

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    Timeshare Rental Scam

    Received a phone call on 10 July 2012 from ACCESS TRAVEL NETWORK and he offered to sell my "free weeks" (due, according to them, to expire in August 2012) of my timeshare. He said they "required" me to pay upfront for the booking fee of $149 per week for 10 weeks. Said they would send me a contract to consider and sign and return via fax. When I got the electronic version of the contract (11 July), that clearly stated "7 day cancellation policy" on the form, I reviewed the document and saw no protection for me after the initial period so I wrote CANCEL in large letters and faxed it back to them with a request for "immediate refund" of the charge against my card. Then I received another call from a different person offering to cut the charge in half and to issue a credit for that amount ($745) and then to call back on 12 July to review and finalize all the details. He left a message later that day with a "tracking number" for the credit that was going back to my credit card. Same guy called back in the afternoon of 12 July (three hours later than he told me he would call) just as I was sending another fax demanding a refund for ALL charges because my credit card had no record of that tracking number or a credit pending. When I told him I was cancelling the whole thing without ever signing the contract and that I was within my seven day window to cancel, he hung up on me. I then filed a dispute complaint with my credit card and filed an online complaint with the Florida consumers' department. My credit card company has informed me that I have no obligation to pay until the complaint is resolved by them and the merchant.
    On Saturday, 14 July, I received a message from my credit card informing me that I had received a credit of $745 from the merchant and that my card company considered the matter resolved. I immediately called the card company and explained that I was not satisfied with the amount (half) and that I wished to open another dispute for the remainder. They did that immediately. THIS IS STILL CLEARLY A SCAM DESIGNED TO GET AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM PEOPLE WITHIN THE SEVEN DAY CANCELLATION PERIOD and thereafter nothing may be cancelled or claimed.:

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    Re: Sandy Grey Timeshare Crook

    Oh dear. I have no connection with Sandy Grey whatsoever.

    HOWEVER, I do know hundreds of people who have taken his advice and found it to be very sound.

    Unfortunately, this makes him very unpopular with Timeshare touts, Timeshare resellers, Timeshare Agencies and anyone trying to sell or promote Timeshare.

    Please use your head. Who is more likely to be telling lies, someone who wants you to part with thousands of pounds for a product that very likely has no value whatsoever or someone who advises you to be very careful before you make such a purchase and charges you nothing for that information?

    Don't assume that everything you read on the Internet is true (and yes, you can include this post in that). Find out for yourself. Think about who has a vested interest. Then make your own decisions.

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    Re: Timeshare Nightmares

    And to think that you have learned you lesson on getting scam'd. Voting for Obama would be much worse than any timeshare presentation that ANYONE has gone throught! So you you loose out on a bad deal on a timeshare.. that is a one time deal.. when you loose out every time you pay your taxes.. now that is a real SCAM of epic proportions!!! Just say...NO....PLEASE for our future and not just today! freakB:

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    Re: Timeshare Scams

    Most of the online frauds in timeshares are with resale companies, in my opinion, the only way to avoid being scammed is to know what companies are a fraud and how do they operate.
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    Re: Dynamic Timeshare Finders

    that is for sure.
    I almost got sucked into a time share scam.

    you live you learn and get wiser

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    Re: Timeshare Scams

    The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about timeshare scams: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/20...f-a-timeshare/

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    Re: Timeshare Scams

    I got busted with World Mart. What a timeshare scam! The fees alone are 450 a year and you can barely book anything unless its 1 year out.

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