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    Comcast cable too expensive bad service.

    I have only had Comcast as a service provider for 2 Months now and what a ripoff. I have internet, telephone, and cable on demand T.V. with them. The phone, internet and t.v. service is continuously offline. Last week the service was off for 5 days straight. This week it was off from Monday-Thursday morning. Since the install this happens often.
    I doubt if I've had a whole week of continuous service.

    I have tried to have a technician come to troubleshoot 4 times now, and no one comes out, no one calls to let me know they're not coming out. Every time I complain about the technician pulling a "no-call no-show" I get apologies and they set up ANOTHER date, which ends up being a week later.

    The strange thing is, that when I talk to a representative on the phone(my cell phone) they tell me that they can see my service being up and down. Last night I had spoken to a supervisor, who told me he doesn't know why they are not showing up, and he can't dispatch them to show up right now, because they are either at another call, or off the clock.

    I made an appointment for today(once again took time off of work) between the hours of 2pm-5pm, and once again NO ONE SHOWED UP! I just contacted a service representative and she said,"i don't know why they didn't show up?" I talked to her at 5:20pm and she said a tech will be here between 5:30pm and 7pm tonight. Do you think they showed up, or even called.

    Damage Resulting = I have spent a total of 4 hours using my personal cell phone minutes. I have taken 16 hours off of work to be at home during the times we have set up appointments for.

    I WILL be terminating my contract, which I suppose will be a fee for "early termination". So I am letting you know to not consider Comcast cable for your cable and internet needs, too expensive and too much hassle to deal with. Maria Marcotte:rotz:
    Maria Marcott

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    Re: Comcast cable too expensive bad service.

    We had the same problem. Our TV, phone and internet kept not working. We would call to get a tech out and they would come out like a few days later, and then it would work for an hour and it would have the same problems. We always asked if he would get a discount at the end of the month, and they said 'We'll give you $20 off'. $20 off a $130 bill???? We quickly told them that we no longer wanted them. We went to Dish Network, and we have never had a problem with them. I would never tell anyone to use Comcast.

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    Re: Comcast cable too expensive bad service.

    I'm new to Scam.com. Can someone help me? I want to post a new thread and I can't find the link.

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    Re: Comcast cable too expensive bad service.

    There is a more than likely a flaw with the cable modem / voip box had triple play for alittle over a year and every time the phone service gets flaky the box is dying gone through 4 boxes with the 3 dollar monthly fee free to exchange customer service is terrible like any other big company but just tell them you wish to exchange your cable modem voip box and they will gladly do it and your phone service and internet will improve. Hope that helps


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