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    *** Global One / Gary Klaucke Investment Scam ***

    If anyone has dealt with Gary Klaucke and/or "GLOBAL ONE", and you seek justice, PM me ASAP. I will be collecting names and email addresses until the end of this weekend. For obvious reasons, I have to keep my identity a secret until I have verified all that want in on this.

    Thank you.

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    Re: *** Global One / Gary Klaucke Investment Scam

    Please contact me asap. alfarrpi@comcast.net or you can reach me at 206-361-1498. Al Farr

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    Re: *** Global One / Gary Klaucke Investment Scam

    To all ,

    My name is Kyle and I am an invester in Global One and I am also a nephew of Gary's .
    I have read all of the threads on this post and I am angry too ! But I am angry for acouple of reasons . I'm upset that I've been waiting as all of you and have on my dreams to come true ! Secondly , there are some facts or lack of facts that are not being produced here by many of you that are attacking him (Gary).
    I can say that Gary was involved in CSI program but only as an invester and not A RIGHT HAND MAN in that program and lost a ton of money also ! I'm not sure who on here was invested in that program (CSI) but I have a feeling that those of you that are bad mouthing him and cussing him , were . I'm sorry for your loss in that , but I fully believe in this investment with Global One and am holding my breath too .
    I would like for those of you slinging it out there to lead the name calling to start producing your facts and the LIFE LONG SCAMS that he has run and got RICH off of !!!
    Ask yourself this ? Why would he give you his adrs. and his ph#'s , If he was scamming all of you ? I know I wouldn't if I was running a scam , would you ?
    Look I am a relative and not a cheerleader , but I know my uncle and have known him for 44yrs. and he is not this dink , or whatever you've called him throughout all of these post .
    Please start posting all of the facts you have to back up your info that you are holding back that you say you have that proves his criminal past , and all of the arrest that he has had ! And all investigations that he has gone thru and why he has not been arrested or found guilty of ?
    The only thing that I have found to be true is that you can say anything you want to say on here and not have to prove anything; cause once it's out here it's gospel and even if you can prove it or not !!!
    Best of luck to you all in the future and I hope that this investment works out for all of us .
    P.S. just so you know that I have nothing to hide , my name is Kyle Penrod and I live in Northern California

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    Re: *** Global One / Gary Klaucke Investment Scam

    Would that be the same "Global One" as the Richard Young / William Willard case currently in the courts?


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