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    BEWARE: Ameriplan

    I joined Ameriplan, I had to invest $100 to get started and $50 every month. I did EVERYTHING to get my business out, but I never made any money. BEWARE!!!!

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    Re: BEWARE: Ameriplan

    Ameriplan is bad here in Colorado Springs. I posted a resume on Craigslist when looking for work, and was called by half a dozen different (affiliates? Are they affiliates?) trying to trick me into coming in for a job interview.

    The first time, I thought I had something (they wanted me to 'manage a training location'), so I went and attended their presentation. The times after that--I don't know what it was--I was always able to tell when it was an Ameriplan person calling me. Something about the tone in their voices. Ha ha.

    At the presentation, I learned that they actually train you to get your certifications/license/whatever to be a stock broker. Was that a lie?
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    Re: BEWARE: Ameriplan

    Yes, it was a HUGE lie. You really will not make any money from Ameriplan.

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    Re: BEWARE: Ameriplan

    Quote Originally Posted by rachellblake View Post
    Yes, it was a HUGE lie. You really will not make any money from Ameriplan.
    Don't join Ameriplan.

    All the top 'leaders' have left to build a new
    It's been over marketed in many states so you would
    have a very hard time selling it.

    Save yourself the time and money.
    Don't join.

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