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    AIU/CTU Online University

    BEWARE OF BOTH OF THESE INSTITUTIONS American Continental University and Colorado Technical University. As a former employee for only 3 weeks I can tell you first hand that not only is this company "un-professional" with their employees; this institution is scamming people out of their hard earned money on a daily basis.

    The admissions advisor/sales person can and will call you seven days a week up to twenty times a day! Imagine a school that is open on Sundays and Holidays? Upon the first call conversation the admission advisor will read a script to you.

    Hello may I speak with_______? This is_____________ and admissions advisor from AIU online how are you doing? Great! You recently requested some information about our degree programs, so I have a few questions for you so I can get the correct information out to you!

    What is your educational background? What is the highest level of education you have completed?
    When did you graduate from high school?
    How long have you been thinking about furthering your education?
    When did you graduate from college?
    What kind of classes were you taking?
    What kind of grades did you get in those classes?
    Do you have any professional training or certificates in your work history?
    Do you have any military experience?
    Are you currently employed?
    What kind of work are you doing?
    What does success mean to you?
    Where would you like to be career wise in five years?
    Is there anyone who is supportive of you furthering your education? Or supportive?
    If you were accepted here at AIU online when are you hoping to start your education?

    Now_____based on the fact that you seem pretty ambitious, goal orientated, and motivated I am going to send you an email about some of our important online programs. In this email there will be a password and a hyperlink that you can click on that will take you to our admission site. Now the password will expire so you will need to log on as soon as possible. The admissions site will give you a chance to learn more about AIU online our accreditation, course descriptions, financial aide options, and how you go about getting accepted. How does that sound to you?

    Do you have a pen handy? I would like to give you my contact information. Let me confirm your email address.

    When you receive my email read through the information and share it with anyone who may be supportive of you going to school. Fill out the online application and print a copy out for yourself for records. This allows me to get to know more information about your background. When you have completed reviewing the website write down any questions that you may have because I want us to get back together over the phone so I can answer all of those questions. We will discuss f-aide, career opportunities, online degree programs, and how you apply and get accepted here at aiu-online. How does that sound to you? Great. I have two times open for _____(always two days later) which one is best for you?

    Great then do we have that commitment for ____date and time? Good.

    Since education is taking a higher priority in your life I look forward to speaking to you on ----date and time----.

    When you set your appointment they will constantly call you. The second phone call consist of a similar line of questioning in more detail with the sales person admissions advisor offering your recommendation and offering to put you on the agenda for the next acceptance committee meeting.

    The fifty dollar application isn't the biggest deal. The bigger deal is that all admissions advisors say the exact same thing in the exact same way! And you almost guaranteed a recommendation every time you speak to them! If you submit your information you will be surprised in the type of response you will get. A ton of phone calls that never end for months on end. This makes it hard to believe that they are really admissions advisors? What type of school is open on New Years Eve, the fourth of July, and Christmas Eve?

    Who works on those days "sales" people and that is it! Aiu drives a hard bargain, but as you can see by the website the cost are hidden under f-aide. It is a great website, however, scam.

    What kind of school accepts you before it receives your transcripts? What kind of school has advisors that reads off scripts? What kind of school will not give out pricing information over the phone? What kind of website needs your home and work number to contact you before sending out basic information.

    If Aiu was really a great school then they wouldn't have such hard driven sales/ admissions advisors repeatedly contacting people. If it was such a desired school then they would not be constantly calling over and over trying to see why you didn't enroll the first time around.

    Read this article published on December 12, 2004 in the Chicago Tribune. It tells the real story of what is happening to AIU and what life is like as an Admissions Advisor. The writer nailed it!


    I can only hope that you take time out of your busy schedule to read my thread and get the word out there to as many people as you can about this "univeristy/degree mill" Please, real colleges that everyone has heard of have on-line courses to fit anyones schedule, including working Mom's and Dad's, do not throw your savings away and time away by giving near 30,000 out to this "School" you will be paying back loans until you are ready to retire. The books alone will set you back a couple months pay.

    Type in AIU or CTU "scam" or "rip-off" and see how many returns you will get. I never see returns when I type in a real universitys name along with the word scam.

    Also, I know this "company" pays top dollar for a crew to go into internet sites like these and have these threads erased or unable to access, so the word does not get out so quickly or when the word finally does get out it is gone within a week, so people cannot read any further. I have submitted my claims with many other websites to get the word out and amazingly those sites are no longer "accessible". DO NOT GIVE Out your phone number to these people, if you really want info on these on-line scam schools always put (000) 000-0000 and use a fake e-mail or they will contact you ALL hours of the day and night including Sundays.

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    Re: AIU/CTU Online University

    Oh my I got that call and that is thr script they used.. it was like Deja Vu reading this :)

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    Re: AIU/CTU Online University

    Use the phone number 202-456-1414, I use it for all my "junk" places that absolutely require a phone number. (The Pizza place down the street was NOT AMUSED at this, by the way.
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    If people are looking for real and verified business opportunities....DRF Fund is definitely a program that I can recommend with confidence."


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    Re: AIU/CTU Online University

    Or you could just NOT give them ANY information. As I have described what a scam/sham they are above why would you even want to speak with them?

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    Re: AIU/CTU Online University

    AIU Truth:

    Pass this video link to all past and current AIu students via Facebook. It's time the word gets out.

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    Lawsuits against AIU, CTU, IADT

    We are developing more class-actions against Career Education Corporation which owns AIU, CTU, IADT and more.

    Youtube channel explains everything:

    CEC schools are a joke. Stay clear of them.

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    Re: AIU/CTU Online University

    Quote Originally Posted by emilykrys View Post
    I would stay away from any online university's I got screwed for going to westwood online college and theres nothing I can do except pay out the 120k I owe for 5 months of college...

    What?! I would contact someone such as a lawyer or your state business bureau very, very soon about your situation.

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