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    Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Any of you who are still trying to work the Horizon Technologies GPS Tracking have you checked your website lately (probably gone); checked the direct login (probably gone); checked the mplusgps website? (probably gone); tried to call them lately? Says all circuits are busy....still getting your credit card charged? YEP! We gotta get these guys. Haven't received my commissions, have you? Bet the lady who has sold 40+ units hasn't got her commissions either. I'd be interested to know...any thoughts or suggestions?:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Dear Okie,

    You are right. I have checked and these guys have literally disappeared!!! I filed a claim with my credit card company but I am now going back and file for the complete loss of nearly 1900 dollars even after I sent back all their stuff!!
    Horizon Technologies is another internet rip-off. They sure had me fooled. I have been scammed before. You think I would have learned not to succumb to pressure tactics. My advice to ALL looking into any internet business is DO YOUR HOMEWORK and do not be forced into making a snap decision on ANY so called internet business. As my name suggests I do not take scamming or any other nonsense in this world lightly. I have fought others and won before and before Im thru with these rats they will wish they never called me.:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Yep, mine's gone too. This happened a couple of months ago and then it came back up. As of last week it was still going.

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    While I didn't get involved in selling the GPS units, I bought one and found it very useful when my wife would go on business trips.
    I received the folowing yesterday (2/12)

    As you probably already know Horizon Technologies closed its doors two weeks ago. While the economy and investments turned poor have caused this solid company to fold, the good news is your equipment can be put on another providers network.

    Thats where iSky USA comes in. We has partnered with Falcom USA, to get your units back online and tracking. In just a few short days from now, we can have new sim cards and new firmware inside your GPS tracking systems. From that point on you will up and ready to track.
    You will get:

    +Speed Alerts
    +Fuel consumption
    +Idle Reports
    +Custom reporting
    +Plus new features as well!

    If you would like to get your units back online and tracking please email us at [email protected] or call us directly toll Free 877-896-1612 or at 805-624-6228.


    This message was sent by: Paul Angel, 6428 S Trophy Ct, Gilbert, AZ 85298

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    So Paul Angel, you are I believe, the owner of the rip-off companies Horizon Technologies and Millenium. It is very apparent that you have quickly started another "sham" operation ( I Sky USA) to try and capture more business from all of the poor folks you have already stuck it to!! Shame on you and your deceitful ways. BEWARE everyone, BEWARE he will get you again if you fall into this trap and sign up with I Sky USA. You will be doing business with the guy that just stuck it to you!

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    For those of you that need an alternative to Millennium or Horizon or Isky, Fleetboss can work with you to help remedy the lack of service you have received. We have many options to explore. Please visit our website to get more information about the company (we have been in business over a decade) and then you can contact us for more information. Please ask for David

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    All of you are correct. This company is very much a fraud. There new name is I sky Usa. They had it planned to close the company and open in a new name. They took people's money all the way through even tho they knew they where going to close. Many as much as $8,000 dollars. What a rip off right? And now they are trying to charge those same people to reactivate there units. The whole company is runned by the Angel Family, and let me tell they are very un organized bunch.They are thiefs! Mike, Toni, Paul all of them! They never even told there employees they where going out of business. So I suggest to you that you charge back with your credit card company and try to get as much money back that you can. Beware of I Sky USA! Same People! same Scam!

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    I spent thousands on Horizon Technologies. I contacted a former employee who told me he "thinks" they are out of business. He seemed as much in the dark as I am.

    Can you please tell me what I should do? I am very upset about being taken by these people.

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    There are already criminal charges pending against Paul Angel (notice that that is the name of the person who sent the letter from ISkyUSA in the above post by sonstaff) !!! Here is a news article about it: http://www.azcentral.com/community/g...ndictment.html
    I would strongly suggest contacting the Arizona BBB, Attorney General, and Federal Trade Commission! These guys stole thousands of dollars from innocent victims and now they are trying to rip off there own victims by targeting them as a new company!! It's awful!

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Several people have suggested getting together on this issue. Is anyone organizing anything? let's start some communication. Please email me :[email protected]

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    FleetBoss can help individuals and companies get their units working again. Please visit our website at Fleetboss.com. We have been in business over 10 years and have thousands of customers. When you contact us please ask for David.

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Yes I was ripped off too, to the tune of $7000.00 Paul Angel is the son of Mike Angel who ran Angel Star LLC im guessing. I was told that his inditement had nothing to do with Horizon Tech...(what else did I expect to hear?) Ive been contacted by several consumer groups that claim they can recover my money. If I buy there package for $299.00 over the phone. I tell them thats how I got ripped off in the first place. They are located in Mesa AZ. The same city Angel and his Partner Gentry were indited in...I smell something funny. Is anyone getting anywere with the AGs office..Im not. I think they are embarresed. I WANT MY MONEY BACK and am willing to participate in any class action.

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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Is anyone getting anywhere with this.I to was rippped of by horizon and i would like to get my money back.I was contacted by a company call business recovery service and they wanted me to pay $300 for a kit,like i haven't lost enough money.

    Could anyone contact me at [email protected] and tell me if there's anything i can do to get my money back?


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    Re: Horizon Technologies RIP OFF

    Horizon Technologies are really good for Gps devices. But I still believe my old partner Gofleet GPS Vehicle Tracking system. They are affordable and good.
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