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    Annual Review Board Scam

    I received a letter in the mail from Annual Review Board in regards to the company I have set up.

    Asking for 195.00 !

    To avoid penalties, fines and suspension. and submit a Statement of Information.

    It has a lot of official language and uses the eagle in its logo and the word california at the bottom of the logo. Seems like from the govt. till you read the fine print at the bottom, where they say it is not approved or endorsed by the govt!

    These scamsters are just wasting my time! and preying on people who are just trying to setup and run a business. And some will just remit the check!

    The address given is 333 S. Grand Ave, 25th Floor, LA, CA 90071

    Every Corporation is supposed to file a Statement of Work and these guys are saying that they will do it for you for 195!

    DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY. FILE IT YOURSELF! All you have to do is fill in your director's names, on the one page form from the state site.

    Attached is how the scam letter looks like.

    good luck with your business!

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    Re: Annual Review Board Scam

    Yes, this is just another version of a long running scam.
    Corporate Compliance Recorder and
    Board of Minutes and Resolutions are others.

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