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    BEWARE: Verran Jones & Rachelle Jeffreys-Bell

    I was recently the victim of a large investment scam involving three people:

    Verran Jones
    Rachelle Jeffereys-Bell
    Darlene Hill

    These three criminals took me for over $100,000 and left my credit in shambles.

    I am too embarassed at this point to describe how they did their scam, but suffice to say, I am without my life savings because of them.

    Here are a couple links describing why Ms Darlene Hill is serving a 7.5 yr sentence in a Florida prison



    I have no money to go after Verran Jones and his sidekick Rachelle Jeffereys-Bell.
    I hope they are happy with the devastation left in their path.
    One can only pray that their is a God and He will hold them to account.

    Please, please, please do not do any business with Verran Jones Or RAchelle Jeffreys-Bell!

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    Re: BEWARE: Verran Jones & Rachelle Jeffreys-Bell

    Truth be told, the accusations are inaccurate and untrue. Myself, Rachelle Jeffreys-Bell and Verran Jones were victoms of Maria Hill. Our names are not associated with any of the charges, because we were not a party to such charges or involved in any way.

    When a person can put slander on the world wide web and not sign their real name to it, that should tell you something, because we have never heard of Mrs. Shelton.

    Rachelle Jeffreys-Bell

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