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    000WebHost decides not to pay me

    I created a website about a month ago that wound up on some social networking sites and brought in 55,000 hits in a matter of days. I signed up with my hosting company's, 000webhost.com, affiliate program, put an ad for them on my page, and, to my shock, got 37 sign-ups!

    There's 2 rules though, you have to get 20 signups for a payout, and you have to wait 30 days for each. So I waited patiently and finally, about 12 passed the 30-day period, with 16 or so more ready to pass in the next day.

    I fired off an email to them asking whether I could get $140, or if I could only get $100 at a time.

    I was very anxious so I later went and checked on the page and noticed that all the signups that were previously "ready for payout" were now marked "30 more days". I thought it was a glitch until I noticed this at the top of the page:

    "Announcement: we have started to use 60 days signup verification procedure (we used 30 days signup verification system before). That is because we received lots of fraudulent signups especially from Vietnam and China and we need more time to check everything. So if you have referred user today, it will be credited in 2 months. We need these 2 months to protect us from fraudulent signups. We are sorry if we made any inconveniences for you and let us to know if you have any questions."

    Not acceptable. Even if the policy was to change, I should still get the payout that was due to me before it went into effect. But there's more.

    I went and signed up for a new affiliate account with the hunch that the message might not appear on other accounts, and sure enough, the message doesn't appear on any account but mine.

    Here's the policy as it appears on other accounts. Note that it still says "30 days", not 60, like mine does. (you can sign in with the account "[email protected]", password "consumerist1", http://www.000webhost.com/affiliates/login.php)

    I really needed this money. I was so thankful that everything seemed to be legit earlier today. And now I'm trembling with fear.

    Here's the message as it appears on my page:

    Moreover, a quick look at my site stats shows that the almost every visitor is from the U.S., not China or Vietnam.

    Contact them at http://www.000webhost.com/contact, my account is "[email protected]".

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    Re: 000WebHost decides not to pay me

    Yeah, I've seen lots of complaints about this affiliate program all over the place lately.

    I suppose it is one of the perils of free webhosting, they need referrals to their free hosting service which they hope will convert into paid hosting eventually. The problem is, if you are hosting with them, dare you complain, because they are likely to suspend your account. Bit of a catch 22 I would say. Maybe that's way many affiliates and users don't complain. The only way out is to find a paid host, then complain. As long as you host with them for free, you are completely at their mercy.
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