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    Garry Conn is a scam artist using a new tactic

    This guy reviews famous people on the Internet involved in home businesses. He makes the review negative which is just the start.

    He makes sure his garbage review uses as many key words he finds on the search engines to get indexed in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live etc.
    Here is an example of his "Dirty Tactic":
    Pickup any descent SEO program like "IBP" and ask it to give you an analysis of the famous person's name. The program will give you the inbound links and a very good keyword analysis. Home business names are some of the best because if you slander them like Garry Conn, they will most likely ignore you, BUT you will get a ton of hits from it.
    Then write up a "review" in a blog. Don't have a blog, no worries, they are all free. In the review be sure to mention the name, do the review and watch those search engines go to town giving you TOP placement. As the final step, add Google Adsense or 7Search code and collect the money from the hits.
    Sad but true.
    Watch out for the scum of the Internet like Garry Conn, he's just another form of con artist!!!
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    Re: Garry Conn is a scam artist using a new tactic

    What happen, did he write a review that showed the MLM YOU were in is a scam?
    If people are looking for real and verified business opportunities....DRF Fund is definitely a program that I can recommend with confidence."


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    Re: Garry Conn is a scam artist using a new tactic

    Nope, not in any MLM. The man knocks everything and anything that involves keywords. Interesting tactic but very similiar to a catfish or any bottom-dweller.

    It's like the Internet paved the way to a new form of web II spammers.

    Kinda funny actually.

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