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    Glenn Gary Equity Link Advisors

    Be careful working with this guy. Claims to have an extensive network of angel investors and a track record of securing angel funding for his clients. Even has a phony reference from a phony company that he claims to have raised funding for. During the reference check phase the reference and Gary are extremely responsive. However I paid him to write a Private Placement Memo that was 99% boiler plate, I did the unique portions. But really wanted access to his investor network once the PPM was done.

    After doing the PPM Gary is now completely non-responsive, his reference no longer returns telephone calls either. I would not have done the PPM with him had I known the angel network was non-existent and the reference was bogus.

    My advice to would be to stay away from this guy.

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    Re: Glenn Gary Equity Link Advisors

    The name should have been the clue there -
    as in

    Glengarry, Glen Ross

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    Re: Glenn Gary Equity Link Advisors

    Perhaps your simply upset because your company/deal did not resonate with potential investors? Rather than trying to ruin someone's reputation, maybe you should understand that 7 out of 10 companies dont get funded by anyone, for many reasons. Rather than shooting the messenger, in this case, Equity Link Advisors, maybe you should work harder to improve your company so that good people who do the hard work of sticking their necks out on the line have a better chance of marketing your company. Also, rather than blaming someone else, maybe you whould except that your company was not appealing to investors instead of blaming Glenn.

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    Re: Glenn Gary Equity Link Advisors

    My name is Glenn Gary and I wanted to take a moment to respond to the concerns of this person who made this unfortunate post above. Raising money for any early stage company is very difficult work that involves a high degree of failure. Just as baseball players, on average, strike out over 78% of the time and only find success at the plate 22% to 30% of the time. Those who source capital as I do, also meet with lots of strikeouts. It is no different for Venture Capital funds who invest millions into hundreds of companies, only to have a handful that go on and become successful. I take my 11 years of work in corporate finance quite seriously and my reputation has been beyond reproach. I am also very proud of the good work I have done for clients. Rather than post a malicious and dare I say, anonymous attack on me, I would encourage this person, who obviously was a former client of mine to contact me and show some professional courtesy. I answer all emails and phone calls to my office at all times and I am more than happy to discuss their concerns. For every 10 clients that I may represent, I am lucky to get one or two funded. A person raises money based upon how compelling their business opportunity is and whether they bring value to the market. I have always made it a point to inform the client that for whatever reason, if their business is not appealing to investors, why that is. Rather than taking your marbles and throwing them at me on the Internet sandbox, a more enlightened way of dealing with rejection from investors is to accept it, rather than trying to drag my good name through the Internet mud because your unhappy that my firm could not raise capital for you. As those who source capital for a living, we are just the messengers, shooting us should be your last choice. As to your reference about the PPM being 99% boiler plate. That simply is untrue. I always tell clients to have the offering memorandum that we put together, double checked by their attorney. In eleven years of work, never once has a law firm or attorney ever had a problem with the work that my firm has done on a PPM. It should be noted for everyone’s benefit, most law firm’s charge over $20,000 to do a PPM. My firm brings tremendous cost savings and value to clients, even if they were not funded, by saving them thousands of dollars that they would have otherwise spent with a law firm on a PPM. It takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge to write a good PPM that provides investors with enough disclosure of the risks factors that are specific to your business. This is important work that my firm does so that you raise money legally from investors and you don’t get sued in the process. This is also very time consuming work. PPM’s that my firm puts together consist of 20% percent “boiler plate” legal jargon that has to be in every PPM. Your use of the number 99% is simply wrong and unfortunate.

    As to the charge of having a bogus client reference, once again, if you as the person posting this, clearly does not want to identify yourself, that to me speaks volumes. My client references are of high quality and beyond reproach. At any time you or anyone is more than welcome to talk with me or my clients directly. As the great theologian, Paul Tillich, in his seminal book, The Courage To Be, ask’s from all of us who strive to live a life of meaning, with purpose and courage, I would ask the person who made this unfortunate and outlandish post to show some courage and contact me directly. A professional discourse is always one that involves candid feedback. Perhaps this would be a much more professional way of dealing with your concerns (or with the disappointment you feel about not having your company resonate with investors), rather than to anonymously post some vicious attack about me and my good name on the Internet. If you really want to show people that you’re beyond reproach, I would invite you to post a response with your name and the name of your company, just as I have done so that all those who read this blog can make their own intelligent assessment as to the validity of your original-anonymous post. For the benefit of those who read this blog, we could resolve this even further and I would be happy to post why your business did not seem to resonate with investors and some possible suggestions as to how that could be addressed by you. This would also serve to educate readers rather than to postulate anonymous, negative attacks that have no meaning or substance. I wish all entrepreneurs who make the walk on the journey of a thousands miles-that which is the hard walk of trying to raise capital and attract investors, I wish them all nothing but success. I hope to try my best to help in that process. I can be reached directly at glenn@unitedleader.com and I will be happy to respond to anyone with questions or conce

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