Keith Turner of Tangerine Concepts is a crook. I bought debit machines from them in 2004 that were suppose to bring in a guaranteed revenue stream. In 2006 we were told our machines were now taken back from us and we were issued common shares in their place (of course we weren't given a choice). We were told that we will be given a dividend payment instead and when the company goes public, we would all be rich. Of course the dividend payments only lasted a year and when the shares hit the market they immediately fell to around 19 cents a share. I have now gotten word that the company will be sold and we will be all getting $0.22/share - that is 1/4 of what I paid for the debit machines! All this time Keith Turner has been taking in a salary of $200,000/yr and this sale will make him well over 4 million dollars - of course it is off the backs of us small investors who he obviously scammed! Shame on you Keith I hope you have sleepless nights for taking advantage of us! I am sure he will be moving on and cooking up new schemes - beware all when the name Keith Turner shows up!!!!