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    Vishniak and the Wolf Trap

    Did Religion play a role in suppressing experiments that would find life on Mars? Most definitely, as they have suppressed science for the last 2000 years.
    Many of you have heard of Galileo, but how many of you have heard of Wolf Vladimir Vishniac? Vishniac had devised an experiment called the WolfTrap that would undoubtedly answer the question "Was/is there life on Mars". These sophisticated scientific experiments were part of the 1976 Viking Mission to Mars. But the package was bumped because of what NASA called "weight" restrictions, yet they included a heavier Gas-Chromatograph Mass Spectrophotometer (GCMS) test in it's place. Three other packages, The Gas Exchange experiment (Gex), the Pyrolytic Release experiment (PR), and the Labeled Release experiment (LR), which were organic tests, came to the conclusion that life on Mars did exist, but the GCMS test, which was chemical, came to a different conclusion. A conclusions staunchly defended by NASA.
    There is mounting evidence that Levin's LR experiments did indeed discover life on Mars and how Levin endured the scorn and humiliation of the Religious community. NASA has turned its back on settling this incredibly important issue, and one has to wonder "Why?"
    Where Science has never threatened "belief" the opposite cannot be said. "Belief" was the reason Vishniac's experiment never made it to Mars as surely as "belief" was the reason Galileo died in prison for even suggesting that the Sun and Planets did not orbit the Earth.
    We will all be a lot better off when we all realize that Man is nothing more than a gifted creature with his beginnings in the womb and his end in the grave.

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    Re: Vishniak and the Wolf Trap

    you wouldn't care to elaborate on the wolf's experiment!?hehe!!and did ya ever notice at dog shows the elaborate nonsensical names given to the competitors!?THE DOGS I MEAN!?hehe!!

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