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    two step diet, scam?

    Hello all of you,

    I keep seeing ads for this.

    HOT diet, Acai berry pill to build energy and regulate metabolism,
    And Life-cleanse pill as a colon cleanse that purges toxins and helps one lose the weight.

    IS this a scam, or a great discovery?


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    Re: two step diet, scam?

    Toxin removing is scam for sure. There was recently research on this topic and no "toxin removal products" worked. Toxin removal becomes human body equivalent of cars' MPG magic pill.

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    Re: two step diet, scam?

    100% junk & scam.., Acai berry is a good antioxiddent..but thats it..cleasnrs are junk,they are not bad to start a diet change..but thats about it..

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