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    Printing checks for overseas companies

    A couple of days ago I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for jobs writing articles.

    I got a response from someone saying they'd like to pay me $400 a week to print checks for their company, and giving me their yahoomessenger name to chat.

    Well, we chatted. First, I asked the name of his company. He said, "We are a small accounting firm."

    That was flag number one. If you ask for a name and they give you some generic non-answer, you know they're lying.

    I pressed him for the website of his company, and he gave me MDTextile, in Malaysia. A T-shirt making firm.

    So first he worked for a small accounting firm, now he works for a T-shirt making firm.

    But, I continued on... frankly, I was really hoping this would be legitimate because it would've been nice to have a steady, easy job making $400 a month.

    So I ask, who am I printing these checks for. Their suppliers in the United States. And I'd be printing about 70 checks a day.

    Yeah, right. A T shirt company in Malaysia is going to buy supplies *from* the United States? And from *thousands* of suppliers?

    Okay, so now I *know* it's a fraud, but I carry on because I just want to see what they're real game is. Are they money launderers, or are they going to try to steal my ID, what?

    So I agree to do the job, and I actually go out and buy check paper and software, so I can send the receipt to these people to let them know I'm serious. (I paid cash, so there's no way they can get even a hint of my credit card number.)

    So I scan in the receipt and email it to them.

    Then they send me a form to fill out, asking for address, ID, and so on.

    Now here I admit I made a mistake. I put down my real address. But, I did not give them my ID - whether social or driver's license.

    I asked, "why do you want my ID?" He said, "Leave that blank."

    Then I ask how will I get paid. He says by money order or Western Union. I say, why can't I just write a check to myself? I'm a supplier, just like all his other suppliers. He says, no, that's against company policy.

    So, then he gives me a UPS account number, and tells me to call them and order UPS envelopes and stuff sent. So I call up UPS, and give them that account number, and I'm told it's been cancelled.

    Well, I've been playing stupid long enough, I cant play along any more. I tell the guy that his UPS account has been cancelled, that I don't feel comfortable with this deal, and that I want to cancel.

    He says, no, no, I"ve already sent in your receipt for reimbursement, the account was just bad and I cancelled it, I'll order the supplies for you myself.

    I say, no, I've been talking with my colleague, and I don't want to do this.

    He says no, why ask someone else what to do, *he'll* tell me what to do. Trust and believe in his company, ya da ya da.

    So, in for a penny, in for a pound. I allow him to believe I'm convinced. He says, thanks. Now, don't discuss this with anyone else ever again. It's private between us, he doesnt' want anyone else to ruin my good deal because they're jealous.

    Then, he asks am I married.

    I'm not, but I say yes.

    How many kids do you have?

    I don't have any, but I say, three.

    What are their names and ages, he demands to know immediately.

    Now if that isn't a red flag for ID theft I don't know what is.

    I don't tell him. "That's private." I say.

    "Sure, I understand," he says.

    So we IM a few more times, then, he signs off for the day.

    After a few hours I send him an IM (which I know he'll receive as soon as he logs back into his computer) and say I've thought it over, and I don't want to do it.

    So, sure enough, as soon as he sees that the next day, he's all over me. "Don't let other people ruin this for you. Let me have my managing director talk to you.)

    I forgot to mention that his email address was TerryDuck@yahoo.com

    He works for a company in Malaysia and he doesn't even have their company name as part of his email address?

    So I say, no. *Then* he gets mean, saying I've wasted his time, he's spent a lot of time on me, etc., he's turned down other people because he thought we could work together...

    I said, if you put this job into Elance, I'll do it.

    He keeps whining.

    I keep saying, put this job into Elance, and I'll do it.

    He keeps whining.

    So at this point, I'm tired of the game, and I block him for ever!

    I then emailed all the stuff he'd sent me to the MDTextile people, telling them they had a scam artist taking their company name in vain.

    I got a response from them, saying yes, they knew about it, and pointing out that the addresses and phone numbers on the letter head Terry Duck had sent me weren't even the right addresses and phone numbers.

    So...lesson learned. Never look for jobs on Craiglist again.

    Always work through Elance. They're a professional company, they'll keep you "relatively" safe. Yes, they charge you a fee to find work through them, but its worth it to make sure you don't get ripped off.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Two posts both promoting elance.. It's getting to be a little much but I will assume you haven't done much research into looking for a wah job.

    There are a LOT of legit places to look for work at home jobs that don't charge a fee.. Craigslist has become a playground for the schemers and scammers but they are charging a fee to post jobs in many cities now and that is cutting down on the problem.

    For freelance jobs like at elance there is also 0desk, allfreelance, and guru and a ton of others as well.

    For work at home jobs that aren't freelance, there is ratracerebellion, workathomespace, onestopwebemployment, wahm and a lot of other sites that offer free job listings.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    this would have been really bad. you would have printed fake checks, drawn on various business accounts, to send out, probably as proceeds of imaginary lottery.

    people would have cashed these fake checks, wired the money, for taxes and fees, to the scammer, and the only name and address the police would be able to find is yours.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Greetings to all!

    This will be my first post here as a member. I'm currently looking for work at home type of jobs, while also searching for more traditional employment. Katiescorner, I have a quick question for you if I may. Re. your comment: "For work at home jobs that aren't freelance, there is ratracerebellion, workathomespace, onestopwebemployment, wahm and a lot of other sites that offer free job listings." Do any of these aforementioned sites charge any type of membership fee? Please advise. Thanks.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    No they don't.. My whole mission in the beginning was to find ways to work at home and do it for free, the resources are all out there and not as hard to find as you might think.

    Quote Originally Posted by wahseeker View Post
    Greetings to all!

    This will be my first post here as a member. I'm currently looking for work at home type of jobs, while also searching for more traditional employment. Katiescorner, I have a quick question for you if I may. Re. your comment: "For work at home jobs that aren't freelance, there is ratracerebellion, workathomespace, onestopwebemployment, wahm and a lot of other sites that offer free job listings." Do any of these aforementioned sites charge any type of membership fee? Please advise. Thanks.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    A word of warning...be careful of anyone asking you to print checks from home. I have received emails from people even here in the United States wanting me to print checks for them. Below is a copy of 1 of the email(s) I have received in the last two weeks. The only thing that seems to change is the person's name, state of residence & where they are traveling to after they visit their mom (who is getting treatments for breast cancer).

    From: judy.russell55 (judy.russell55@gmail.com)
    Sent:Wed 1/28/09 12:08 PM
    To: nargo9@gmail.com


    How are you today? I just want to introduce you to a job if you
    don't mind, I am Judy Russell, a Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS), I
    am a disable Woman from Ohio and I use to encounter a lot of stress
    when going about my daily payroll activities because I work as a
    chartered payroll specialist for Womany companies, and I have to work
    hard to make my money because nobody want to help me or employ a
    disable Woman in a wheel chair like me and i have 2 children which i
    really need to work hard to fee my children so that is why I set up my
    own payroll business and I want to employ anybody as my data entry
    typist from home, you could be a receptionist, data entry typist, a
    clerk, a stay at home mom, a student or anybody who has a computer
    experience with a computer connected with internet at home who want to
    work on a part time basis and earn extra income, I required a person
    who will be honest, trustworthy and able to work from home, and who
    will also handle the printing of letters, notes and checks with the
    data information of people on payroll list of each company I work for
    and I will handle the UPS, Fedex or DHL account label which will be
    made for you to dispatch the letters, notes and checks to various
    destinations, I will like to know if you will be trustworthy enough to
    entrust mine and my clients company's vital informations and signatory
    with you, please I want you to be sure that I will be paying you
    $1,500 monthly salary for a start, if you performed very well, I will
    increase your salary to $2200 and to $2,500 as time goes on, please
    get back to me today to know your interest and if you don't have the
    materials, I can send you money to purchase all the materials
    including a computer with internet connection, so if you are ready,
    then you will need the following materials to start the job:

    1) *A computer system at home with internet connection.
    2) *You will buy VersaCheck Gold 2008 software. It will come with 150
    blank checks so you might not be buying
    blank check anymore
    3) *You will buy VersaInk Nanoô 4X Life MICR Ink - 94MX Black
    4) *You will buy Versajette M400 Print, Copy, Scan Inkjet Printer
    5) *You will buy Standard Voucher Check Envelope For use with business
    or voucher size checks. 3-9/16 H x 8-3/4
    W, 250 quantity.
    6) *You will buy Business-size checks 250

    You can email me back as soon as possible and I will let you know when
    to start working from the comfort of your home at the most convenient
    time for you (you will only be working 2 to 4 hours per each day you
    choose to work in a week) and you will be earning $1,500 or more every
    month. You can start today if you are ready with all the items needed
    for the job, Please do have a nice day while I wait for your response
    on the job offered.

    Note: You will only need $300 to buy the items needed or I can send
    you the money needed to buy the items, I can even send you the money
    to buy computer and also connect onto internet if you could let me
    know how much that will cost, you can call me to discuss further but I
    can best be contacted by email as I am on computer every time, Please
    send your reply to: judy.russell55@gmail.com
    I will be expecting your response......................

    Best Wishes
    Judy Russell

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Looks like ol' Terry doesn't give up. I had a recent run in with him and from the start, I knew it was fishy.

    I've given up on trying to find work from home, so I posted for a traditional office job. But when anyone asks me to go out and buy some check paper on my dime, that doesn't cut it. So I googled the username and low and behold it brought me here! BEWARE OF CRAIG'S LIST, my friends. Scammers make up for bad times.

    Here is the obvious copy paste e-mail he sent me.

    An Online Payroll Accounting Outsourcing Firm need a printer/dispatcher.Are you interested in this Opening?No experience required,It's just the normal way you print letters and document from your computer or emailbox through your color printer.If you're interested,add me to your Yahoo Messenger for
    further discussion.My id is terryduck@yahoo.com

    "emailbox" red flag! If you claim to be a secritary and you use such horrible spelling, then you are a fake. If you ask me to PRINT CHECKS you are most likely...a fake. This guy is not smart. I'm no Columbo and I could see through his scam in nothing flat. So again, please watch out for terryduck.

    And now, back to doing my college courses and job hunting!

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Sounds like I may have been flim-flammed by the same person. Went on C*****list to find some part-time work. Of course, the golden opportunity to work from home was too good to be true. How great, I thought, to work from home and afterwards attend classes. Knowing my luck it would be a scam... how very true.

    Thanks to you guys I confirmed my suspicions when I googled, "scam print checks". I should have known when this (insert profanity) was scamming me when he/she didn't tell me what company this was for, nor did he answer any of my questions. He insisted I purchase Instant Checks PLUS and VersaInk-nano ink and some blank checks.

    This person claims he/she works for PrideStaff Financial, yet has a Hotmail account. The email sent was from: Jennifer Hills , yet the email is signed by Matt. The IM address is entrylevel111@yahoo.com

    In an effort to help others who come across this dweeb, I'm pasting the original emails that were sent to me. I really hope Karma catches up with this dude and the only one he's scamming is his cellmate.

    From: Jennifer Hills
    Subject: RE: Part-Time Office Assistant
    Date: September 16, 2009


    Thank You for emailing your resume, i want you to read this email carefully before you respond.

    Salary is $13 an hour for 5 hours a day; 5days a week.

    No Selling or Marketing or commission.

    No registration or signup fee.

    Work from home.

    * Preparing purchase orders and checks for verification and signature;
    * Mailing out checks to customers and staffs
    * Entering all cheque vouchers in appropriate account;
    * Any other related duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Accountant.

    *a high school diploma, preferably with courses in Accounting, Mathematics and Computer Applications, with one year work experience;
    * Should be self-motivated, committed and possess good communication skills;

    Go through this message carefully and get back with me.
    Best Regards,

    PrideStaff Financial
    San Jose, CA.

    From: Jennifer Hills
    Subject: RE: Part-Time Office Assistant
    Date: September 17, 2009

    For you to get started, you have to purchase Instant Checks PLUS and VersaInk-nano ink(Check your printer model in order to make it fit to your printer),Blank Checks and Envelops (for mailing out the checks to our clients) from any office supply store nearest to you(I suggest Sam's Club), (Or you can go online at www.g7ps.com and find the items )

    As soon as that is done,you get back with me immediately while i in turn instruct you to download the software which comes in the package and you immediately commence the two weeks trial/training/interview period.

    Note:There is reimbursement for any materials purchased.

    Kindly download Yahoo Instant messenger on your computer and add me on entrylevel111@yahoo.com so we can chat while i give you further instructions.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    WHAT A SCAM!!!! Do people actually fall for this without any search on the company they want to work for? Email from people overseas with NO phone numbers to contact them and itís not even a company email address like mike-payroll@companyname.com but its some gmail address, and they donít want to talk to you but they want to hire you for accounts payable/receivable!!!!! (aka MONEY MULE for fake checks). They use a real company names but no one knows who they are if you call the company HR department. And this damn G7PS website, may its owners burn in hell, operates freely as the connection for these nigerian or whatever they are scam artist to look real. G7PS.com sells fake printers. hello people!! a $200 INKJET printer can not print a REAL bank check. Only $2000 LASER printer can do this. How can the FBI let this site operate? Itís putting U.S. citizens behind bars for becoming money mules yet it keeps letting this f**king site still operate. LETS STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE. HELP BRING G7PS DOWN.

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    I relied to a posting on *****slist...This is what I got and after several days of "yahoo chatting" the guy had NO answer besides TRUST ME TRUST ME...
    Thanks for your mail......My name is David Wright from jaeil
    company...we both buy and sell Textiles,Leather Products,Furniture &
    Furnishings all over United States ...So the position that is left
    unfilled is working for us from your home and you will be getting
    paid.... All what you will be doing is printing payee checks daily
    and have it mailed out Via Ups or FedEx company shipping account. You
    will be sending the checks with the company bank information on it.
    Your pay is $900 per month and it will be Via Western union or Money
    gram transfer so let me know if you are interested.

    Job Requirement

    *Personal Computer System
    *white paper
    *Internet access at your home

    Then Get Versacheck paper Form# 1000 from Either Staples,Office
    Depot,Office max or Amazon. and all funds will be reimbursed back to
    you ..

    Qualified candidates will have the following
    *Easy access to email & Internet
    *Reliable cell phone with text messaging capabilities
    *Strong familiarity with technology, especially computers


    - Guaranteed Income

    Also i will like you to download Yahoo Instant Messenger to your PC
    and add me at (david_wright29@yahoo.com) so that we can talk better on
    the Job
    offer. Here is the link to download the Instant Messenger to your PC
    (messenger.yahoo.com/download/ -)

    No experience is necessary as I will provide extensive training to
    help you achieve success. I will also provide you with a client base
    since I have more clients that I can handle.

    Awaiting for your respond asap

    is the item still available for sale

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Then he tells me again to trust and NOW he says the COMPANY is going to send me the check paper, This just SUCKS so bad...

    I am so eager to work but everything and I mean EVERYTHING IS A FU**ING JOKE!

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    Re: Printing checks for overseas companies

    Thanks for posting up the "job posting" from that scammer.

    Making a scammer's scam googlable on every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find is a great way to slow that scammer down when a suspicious potential victim goes looking for information, finds your post containing the name the scammer is using, his email address, phone number and the emails themselves and then that potential victim does not become a scam victim because you took the time "get the word out". Thanks!!

    Wasting a scammer's time legally and safely is called "scambaiting". If you google that word, you will find sites where you can read scambaits, post up the emails and email addresses of scammers, post up a fake website, read up on how to alert a hosting company that they are hosting a fake website, ask questions and learn all about the hob** of scambaiting.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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