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    Re: Groundswell of Protests Back Illegal Immigrants

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    I'm afraid Worried, that if they got rid of the illegals who are willing to work for $3.50 and hours, the work would be left undone.
    If we got rid of the illegals and did nothing more, then yes, it may be a problem. However, I think the solution to the problem is welfare reform. The reason no Americans will work the jobs that the Mexicans currently do is because the Americans sitting home collecting welfare are making far more money then they would working those low paying jobs. Think about it, welfare recipients not only collect a check every month (albiet, a small one), they can get food stamps, government subsidized housing, medicaid, heck, even free syringes for shooting up. Contrast that to the illegal Mexican worker getting paid $3-4/hour, its a no brainer.

    We need to couple a strict immigration bill with massive welfare reform, kicking most able bodied recipients off welfare so they can work these jobs. At the same time, a minimum wage policy needs to be strictly enforced, leveying (sp?) huge fines to any company not complying.

    Another avenue we could take to help out some of these businesses in need of cheap labor is to go back to the days of the chain-gang...there are thousands of abled bodies sitting in prison cells being nothing but a burden to our tax dollars. Shakle their ankles together, give them a shovel and rake and let them work at some construction sites. I'm sure we have better technology today that could replace ankle shakles, and make it easier for them to work while making it difficult for them to escape, but you get the idea.

    These are great ideas IMO that would work if implements, however, it will never happen because not many politicians have the guts to even kick out illegals, let alone kick anyone off welfare.

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    Re: Groundswell of Protests Back Illegal Immigrants

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    Hmmmm, mechanical mushroom pickers? I think I would like to see that. ;)

    But don't you folks pay a lot more for your produce, gas and just about everything else in Australia? Do wages keep up with inflation there?

    I'm just curious, I know some things about Australia as I have a friend I write back and forth with every day that lives there. But I don't know all things about Australia. I do know that there is about as much dissatisfaction with government there as there is here, judging by some of the chat groups I've been on.

    Lady Mod
    A mushshroom picker is most perfectly possible with the product being canned (where pretty doesn't count for much). That's where "gourmet, hand-picked mushroom" entreprenuers would enter the scene, charging more and paying more to the (legally working) pickers.

    I'm not from Down Under, but my SIL's BF is and that's what he told me. Not liking the gov is a universal theme, no matter the country. I don't think one can ascribe higher costs there to labor conditions but more to being an island country with a very large percentage of the land mass non-farmable. All those hulls importing trade goods cost more than things in the US, which has a reasonable mix of resources.

    Now if you want a country that can be almost 100% self-sustainable (at least in terms of resources and farmable area) Russia has the world beat hands down.
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    Re: Groundswell of Protests Back Illegal Immigrants

    Quote Originally Posted by freef8

    Now if you want a country that can be almost 100% self-sustainable (at least in ter.ms of resources and farmable area) Russia has the world beat hands down.
    Really? Why were so many starving there and waiting in long long lines just for things like bread?

    You would think the government would have at least wanted it's people fed. Right?


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