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    Nursing agency in scam inquiry

    Allegations of a scam to register overseas nurses to practice in the UK were referred to the Serious Fraud Office yesterday after a nine-month inquiry by the profession's regulator.
    The Nursing and Midwifery Council said 83 nurses from India and various African countries were placed on the register without undergoing the required training in British nursing procedures.

    It said they were on the books of a nursing agency which gave assurances that it had put them through full-time supervised courses, but had in fact provided them with no more than part-time familiarisation visits.

    The NMC said the alleged scam was discovered when a chief nurse at a north-west London NHS trust discovered that overseas nurses were present in the hospital without an official reason for being there.

    The council said the 83 nurses were innocent victims of the scam. They did not complete the required period of supervised practice and would be removed from the register within 14 days. Some may be readmitted to the register quickly, but others may require lengthy retraining.

    Four nurses employed by the agency were being investigated under the council's fitness to practice procedures. The council submitted a report to the SFO, but chose not to name the agency.

    A council spokesman said: "The investigation found serious irregularities in the agency's operation of supervised practice, including signing off nurses before they had completed full-time supervision and putting nurses into so-called placements in two private nursing homes and the North-West London Hospitals NHS Trust."

    Sarah Thewlis, chief executive of the NMC, said: "Our primary duty is to protect the public ... However, we recognise the distress that our actions will cause to the nurses concerned. They are professionals who merely wanted the opportunity to transfer their much-needed skills to the UK. As clients of this agency, they had every right to expect that their registration and supervision needs would be handled in a straightforward manner."

    Liz Hewett, executive director for service delivery at the Royal College of Nursing, said: "This will be a distressing time for these nurses and we would encourage RCN members to contact us so we can offer our full support to try and resolve their individual situations as speedily as possible."

    Gail Adams, head of nursing at the public service union Unison, said: "We welcomed the publication of the government's ethical recruitment guide for international nurses. However this case highlights the loopholes that still exist. It's time for recruitment agencies to be regulated and we will be calling on the next government to act urgently."
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    Re: Nursing agency in scam inquiry

    sorry that's www.nursingagencykit.com

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