These distributorships cost over 20 thousand, they advertise in the business section of newspapers around the country and lure people with over 6 bribed people as references, who disappear as soon as the money is paid. The "aggrement" has an arbitration clause which forces the distributor to spend another couple of thousand in fighting a company that is not even registered in Florida out of where they operate but is registered in Nevada and is an active corporation with number C23628-2004 .

Over 20 people have been scammed, one of whome put up this site: I pursued and won an arbitration and I am now still fighting to get my money back, file a class lawsuit together with other victims and hopefully close them down ASAP. The same people apparently ran a lot of other scams such as an Acapulco condo scam.

Here is the people involved in this scam.

Mike Punziano or Michael Punziano - Previous Soy Delite Inc president up until 12/7/04 (of 2900 S UNIVERSITY DR SUITE 41 CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33065)

Mike Pinto - Mike Punziano's alias (probably one of many)

Ken Lewis (tel:561-309-9876 West Palm Beach Cell Phone, Listed as Kenny Lewis in yahoo 4743 Alberta Ave West Palm Beach, FL Home phone (561) 686-3221-) Soy Delite Inc current president who also owns RE-LOAD GROUP

Mark Rollins or Markham Rollins - Soy Delite Inc employee introduced to me as the Sr VP of Dealer Acceptance / Development

Sam Rabin - Owner of Soya Delight Inc in Toronto, Canada

Soya Delight contact - Only other Soya Delight employee that I'm aware of

George McDonald - Location Finder for Soy Delite Inc - a real piece of work. See the following website dedicated to him and his other scams!

Jim Malcom - Soy Delite Inc salesman that I dealt with after answering newspaper ad

Mike Sheldon - Soy Delite Inc employee

Fred Negin - Soy Delite Inc employee acting in same capacity as Jim Malcom

Tony Golovan (of 12998 Hampton Lakes Circle, Bovnton Beach, FL 33436, Voice: 561-865-2263, cell:561-706-7979, Location finder
Lydia Golovan - Soy Delite Inc employee

Robert Newman - Soy Delite Inc commercial sales expert

Mark Sheldon Fake Reference claiming to be successful distributor

Arnold Brisco - Fake Reference claiming to be successful distributor

Bob Miller Fake Reference claiming to be successful distributor

Joe Murphy Fake Reference claiming to be successful distributor

Jim Kinny - Fake Reference claiming to be successful distributor