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    News from Haditha, Iraq

    This is a recent email that was received by the Father of Ist. Lt. Cope
    of the Marine Special Forces, that is stationed at Haditha, Iraq with an
    Engineering Group, THey are In charge of a Dam Faciltiy on the Eurphrates
    River, about 30 miles North of Baghdad, Iraq.
    I thought I would share this with you as I think it gives a real time idea
    to everyone bout life there. Even though this communication is just now
    arriving, it was several weeks ago that the activity citred in the message
    was real time. Much has happened since then. I am sure the Americs
    Marine Batillion has arrived.
    As with any situation in these war theater areas, things can look very
    peaceful and tranquil. No danger seems imminent, or at hand, and it brings
    people to wonder what the big deal is with all the combat, IED and
    Insurgents activity.
    I can assure you, from my own experience in the Vietnam war, that the
    very next few minutes can bring on total chaos and unbelievable Hell.
    Anyway, I am sharing this with you for whatever you may get out of it.
    1st Lt Cope is my Nephew. I also have a Grandson that is in the Army
    stationed in the Iraqi theater as well.

    Looks as though you may have to open the attachment file! :rolleyes:
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    Re: News from Haditha, Iraq

    I hope he returns safe and sound to his family. I hope all of them return safe and sound to their families.

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