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    www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    I ordered 6 dresses from www.dressbuilder.com for my wedding on July 29, 2005. It is now March 23, 2006 and I'm STILL missing one of the dresses.

    I called the owner, Susan Jones, and she said she'd check on her. I never heard from her again. I emailed her several times, only to receive no reply. I called her on her cell phone at least once a week, and she'd ignore my calls. Today I finally got a hold of her, and she hung up on me as soon as she learned it was me.

    As for the rest of the dresses, the workmanship is shoddy. My mother's dress needed serious reinforcing and alterations from a local seamstress, and my mother in law's dress was cut to fit me, not her. All of the dresses arrived crumpled up in a plastic bag (one came stuffed in a walmart bag, with THAT bag stuffed into an old, dirty, torn blue plastic bag with a UPS label slapped on it) and smelling like cigarette smoke.

    I had originally ordered most of the dresses in a dark forest green. When months go by, I call to find out what's going on, and I'm told they had already made the dresses but realized too late that they were the wrong color, so they were selling them on eBay and starting over with a different fabric. I asked them to go ahead and send me fabric samples, if I could work with the color they had made them in I'd just change my wedding colors to that. I never received anything, so I finally asked them to just send me one of the dresses. Remember I had been told they were already made.. it took WEEKS to get the dress because they had to MAKE IT. When I went ahead and approved the color (partly due to desperation, my wedding was around the corner) instead of sending me the dresses right away (which they should have, if they were already completed) it took another few weeks.. because the dresses were STILL BEING MADE. Susan Jones had told a flat-out lie about their having already made the dresses. They had been sitting on the order for almost six months, and I STILL haven't received the sixth dress.

    Today I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov) I suggest if you've been ripped off by these people, you file one as well. People like this have got to GO.

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    Re: www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    :mad: Please, please, please provide a phone number for Susan. The numbers I have and tried have all been disconnected. My dress also arrived smelling of cigarettes (VERY UNPROFESSIONAL) and gross ... and the material she used was WRONG! I ahve emailed and heard nothing back. My even is in 7 days. I am thinking I need to go through PayPal to get my money back.

    It's just not right.

    HELP ME!!! :mad:

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    Re: www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    Quote Originally Posted by lizgraphix
    :mad: Please, please, please provide a phone number for Susan. The numbers I have and tried have all been disconnected. My dress also arrived smelling of cigarettes (VERY UNPROFESSIONAL) and gross ... and the material she used was WRONG! I ahve emailed and heard nothing back. My even is in 7 days. I am thinking I need to go through PayPal to get my money back.

    It's just not right.

    HELP ME!!! :mad:

    You guys deserve to get scammed. Look at that website. It's the most unprofessional website I've ever seen. Those dresses look like halloween costumes. What were you thinking giving money to this company. Sorry, but it was a good laugh.

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    Re: www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    I have read the other posts and wish I had seen them sooner. My daughter fell in love with the Elsa gown pictured on the Dressbuilder website. She was having a pirate-themed wedding and it was perfect. So in Dec., 2006, I placed an order for the Elsa along with 5 Budget Arwen gowns and 5 Wicked Wench bodices for the 5 bridesmaids. The wedding was scheduled for April, 2007.

    Dressbuilder stated in an e-mail that the turn-around time would be 8-12 weeks. Fortunately, I keep all e-mail correspondence until my transactions are complete. Fortunately, I placed the charge thru PayPal on my credit card.

    After 8 weeks, it became apparent that Dressbuilder hadn't even ordered the fabric yet. After catching Susan in several lies, I notified my credit card company and PayPal to initiate a charge-back. I sent numerous e-mails referencing Susan's previous claims, I threatened legal action and made several phone calls to Dressbuilder. I contacted the BBB in Chattanooga, TN and registered a complaint. I also registered a complaint with PayPal. I have registered a poor review for Dressbuilder with Insider Pages.com.--everything I could think of to alert others.

    I finally did receive the gowns within the specified time of 12 weeks. The quality and workmanship were poor, to say the least--and that wasn't only my opinion. The local seamstress who did the alterations and several of the bridesmaids commented on the shoddy construction. Since they arrived only weeks before the wedding, I wasn't able to return them and start over again. My daughter , however, was happy with the way the gown looked and I hope they will all turn out looking well in the photos.

    Susan Jones at Dressbuilder/Renaissance Bridal/The Uncommon You was caught by me in several lies. She proved herself to be unprofessional, unscupulous, and untrustworthy. The workmanship on the dresses was shoddy and corners were cut in construction.

    The fact that this business is still operating after numerous complaints have been lodged against it, is appalling.


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    Re: www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    I wish I'd searched her reviews sooner! RUN!!! She will ruin your wedding. Susan is a fraud, in my opinion. It started with lying about sending fabric samples in January.
    Here is the complaint I registered with Pay Pal: "It was agreed in our contract that I would receive my custom made wedding gown for my March 6th 2009 wedding from you by "Early February." It is now February 18th 2009. You have not responded to my e-mails since February 3rd 2009. There are 16 days left until my wedding. There is no time left for me to have the dress fitted here or trimmed. We discussed this was required. So, I will be unable to use the gown- even if you shipped it today- which I'm sure you have not and will not do- in any event, or you would have responded to my e-mails. I have saved all of our correspondence and can document each of these points. You are in breach of our contract. I was forced to buy a gown off the rack at considerable cost to insure that I will have something to wear when I get married. I want a full refund immediately. You nearly ruined my wedding."
    My last e-mail from her was February 3rd. Here is what she said. "Hi Kristin, I have it cut, and should be able to start it later this week. Thanks!" :nervouss:

    She is a liar- your wedding is too important to risk. Please stay away from this business!

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    Re: www.DRESSBUILDER.com Beware of Dressbuilder!

    Anyone who is even considering doing business with this company...Please beware!! All Susan does is lie, and what she promises is not what you are going to get.
    I had put in a request for a custom made Civil War ballgown. The quick and short story: It was suppose to be a 2 piece cobalt blue silk dress with black ruffles, off the shoulders and lacing up the back with black grommets. She gave me a turn around time of a month.
    After the first month I started questioning when it would be shipped and I always got the reply that she was finishing it up and it would be on it's way later in the week. Twice she told me it was down, and I never received it. I ordered it in October and I finally got this piece of material she called a dress 4 months later. It was made of some scratchy material that was nowhere near silk, was baby blue in color, was a one piece, was not to my measurements, the off-the-shoulders were down past my elbows, had gold grommets and no ruffles. When I complained, she said she would fix it and she sent me an underskirt with ruffles on it. The dress looked like a cheap saloon girl halloween costume. The workmanship on it was horrible and was falling apart. The hem was raw. She refused to do any refunds. She kept insisting she'd fix it and never did. What she did was wait long enough that paypal couldn't help me anymore because it was over the 60 or 90 days. She is a true scam artist. I have everything in writing and documented to prove this is not the dress I ordered. It looks NOTHING like what she showed me it would. I wish I would have researched her company ahead of time. If anyone knows what I can do, please let me know. I was unable to use this dress for any of my events as it is not historically accurate in any way, shape, or form and it was not what she promised. It was an expensive gown and I am so disappointed. What a horrible person and what a horrible company she is running!
    Buyers BEWARE!!

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