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    Re: Redwood Trust Mtg Elimination Restitution Upda

    I always wonder what would have happened if the government would have left Ken alone. He supposedly had some very interesting funding sources lined up, but his big mistake was to pay off that one mortgage in Oregon before he obtained legitemate funding. Now he was accused of running, basically, a ponzi scheme. It seems the government was out to shut down everyone anywhere that was active in the mortgage elimination arena at the time. They came down on the Dorean group at nearly the same time they got Ken. I agree that Ken will probably not be paying anything towards the refund deficiency. His health wasn't very good back then, so I can only imagine what it's like now. Leukemia is nasty stuff. I used to listen to his calls whenever I could. He had a LOT of participants, and the calls were better than a soap opera.

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    Re: Ken Titus of Redwood "Trust" fame at it again

    Seeing the Redwood Trust settlement only paid back about 67% of what clients paid in, I'm sure the good reverend Titus is only trying to make money so he can pay his court ordered restitution, right?

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