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    vasco investments website down

    does anyone know why??? I always thought they were one of the highest rated hyip's and they've been around longest. if anyone could shed some light on this, that would be a great help

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    Re: vasco investments website down

    Every HYIP eventually shuts down. Don't you get it yet? Every single one has to shut down because there is no investment involved. Every time they receive, say, $1 from an investor, they pay 5-50 cents to another investor, keeping the difference, until finally the entire house of cards (it's called a Ponzi scheme) collapses, and they disappear.

    From the moment an HYIP scam website appears, the clock starts ticking down. You may be one of the lucky few who actually makes a little bit of money off of the website, but most likely you will be part of the 95% who lose all their money.

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