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Thread: FFI anyone ?

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    Kool-Aid Guest

    Re: FFI anyone ?

    Legal Issues

    More than likely you have seen emails from an entity known as ExtremeResearch/Maxma. They have been spreading the rumor that we (FFI) were infringing on an existing patent, and many people again started running and yelling like Henny Penny that the sky is falling in. Nothing could be further from the truth. It could never be proven that we have ever been sued by anyone for infringement because we haven't. We have told this to the people we have talked with, but some people fell by the wayside because the slightest gust of wind knocks them over.

    We filed a lawsuit against the rumor spreaders (that was nice wasn't it?) and the status is below:

    "To update you on the progress of the case, your Complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida on April 10th. On April 13th, we received the Summonses back from the Clerk of the Middle District. On April 13th and 14th, we mailed two documents, a Notice of Lawsuit and Waiver of Service of Summons and the Waiver of Service of Summons, to Kris Kennedy (attorney for Maxma and Sanders) and to Charles McMurry (attorney for ERC). Mr. McMurry refused to accept service on behalf of DeBord and Seyforth, and we began our attempts to track down their location.

    On April 17th, we received a letter from Kris Kennedy rejecting service on behalf of Maxma and Sanders and stating that she and her firm no longer represent those Defendants. We also located addresses for Seyforth in Melbourne, FL and for DeBord in Centerville, OH. On April 18th, the process servers picked up the Summonses and copies of the Complaint from our office. We are awaiting service of the Summonses and Complaint on Maxma, Sanders, DeBord, and Seyforth. We are also awaiting receipt of the Waiver of Service of Summons from Mr. McMurry on behalf of Extreme Research (by law, he has until May 13th to return the document to us). As soon as we receive notice from the process server that the Defendants have been served, I will contact you."

    ....and that is just an excerpt!!


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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    Not all is well with BioPerformance!

    Again, this just an excerpt....

    The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe collecting info
    There are a number of mixed reviews regarding the Gas Pill. We have been actively monitoring BioPerformance Fuel and it appears that a significant number of people have tried the product and found that it simply does not work. In fact, our law firm, The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe is currently investigating whether or not these pills work. Information about the firm is located at http://www.tfmlaw.com. If you have purchased the Gas Pill, tried it, and found it to be "bunk," we will want to talk to you. You can also email us at [email protected]aw Offices of Theodore Monroe collecting info...

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    Kool-Aid Guest

    Re: FFI anyone ?

    Fuel "catalysts"
    Devices of this type include: Broquet, Fitch Fuel Catalyst, Prozone, Fuelstar, Fuelcat, Enviromax Plus

    A vast array of usually tin-based products, either dropped in the tank or fitted in the fuel line, claim to improve the fuel quality and so improve power and economy.

    The first point to note is that tin is not generally regarded as an efficient catalyst for hydrocarbons. The "catalytic cracking" systems in oil refineries often cited by makers of these devices in fact use Zeolites, composed mostly of aluminium and silicon. The catalytic converters in vehicle exhausts use platinum, rhodium and palladium. Tin is not a significant component in either of these catalysts.

    A second general point is that claims to have improved Russian fuel in the Second World War do not mean that the device will do anything to modern fuel. Refinery technology has moved on enormously in the past sixty years; modern petrol and diesel fuel is a carefully-engineered product almost ideally matched to the requirements of the engines it is used in.

    Thirdly, the makers of these "catalytic" devices state with confidence that they change the properties of the fuel in some way, for example converting long-chain molecules to short-chain ones. Such changes could easily be detected using a technique such as mass spectroscopy. It therefore seems strange that the makers do not generally have any such measurements to show that the device actually works in the way they claim.

    The claims for these "fuel catalysts" are wide-ranging and varied, but I will try and debunk some of the more common ones here.

    A frequent claim is that it allows use of unleaded petrol in "leaded" engines, because the tin coats the valve seats and so prevents wear. This may perhaps be true, but the quantity seems far too low. These devices often quote a 200 000 mile life. In that time a car would use leaded fuel containing around five kilograms of lead. These devices do not weigh even a tenth of that, so you have to wonder if there is enough there to protect the engine. Also beware of testimonials along the lines of "I ran my leaded-only car on unleaded for five years with (insert name of device) fitted and there was no damage". Firstly, some engines had hardened seats anyway and only needed the lead to prevent knock. Secondly, a gently-driven car is unlikely to suffer significant valve seat wear on unleaded, especially if it has already built up many years' coating. (This is not a recommendation to put unleaded in your cherished classic, though!)

    Another similar claim is that the device increases the octane rating of the fuel and so prevents knock, again allowing use of unleaded in "leaded" vehicles. This might perhaps be possible, but you would have to wonder why refineries have invested billions of pounds in Zeolite technology instead, if tin is so effective. Once more testimonials of many years' trouble-free running should be treated with suspicion. Many engines designed for 97RON leaded wouldn't knock on 95RON unleaded anyway, due to their design. Others might knock under some conditions but since "classic" cars tend to be driven fairly gently it would never be a problem.

    There is also some that these devices do not provide as much protection against valve-seat recession as the makers would claim.

    Turning away from "leaded" engines, these devices also claim a "better" burn in some way on all engines. The same comments apply here as to magnet systems:

    A common claim is that it makes the fuel burn faster. Full details of the effect of burn rate on fuel consumption can be found on the turbulence page, but basically:

    Faster burning does not, even in theory, improve fuel economy significantly on modern engines (the burn rate is pretty close to optimum anyway)
    If the fuel really does burn faster, the ignition must be retarded to suit
    Another claim is that the fuel in some way burns "better" or "more completely". But only about one or two percent of the injected fuel escapes unburnt from the engine (because it was trapped in the head gasket crevice, for example). The other 99% is totally broken down into smaller molecules, and then combined with oxygen to form water, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Essentially all the chemical energy in the fuel is released as heat. How can the burning be any "better" than this?

    The mechanism by which catalytic devices often claim to work is by converting long-chain fuel molecules to short-chain ones. It is of course true that petrol and diesel consist of many different molecules, ranging from large ones such as octane (C8H18) to small ones such as butane (C4H10). Longer molecules can in theory be broken down into shorter ones, though this process normally requires heat and pressure, as well as the presence of a catalyst. But even if the fuel "saving" device does break the molecules down, this does not imply improved fuel consumption or emissions.

    Firstly, the precise blend of components of modern petrol (and indeed diesel) is quite carefully "tuned" to match the requirements of the engine. This even involves selling different petrol in summer and winter to compensate for differing temperatures! The proportion of the fuel that evaporates at different temperatures (the "boiling curve") is determined by the blend of high boiling point (long-chain) components and low boiling point (short-chain) components. If the proportions are altered, then the boiling characteristics of the fuel will change. The likely effects are either poor cold starting or poor hot starting, with increased emissions in each case.

    Secondly, short-chain molecules do not generally produce significantly more energy when burnt. The calorific values of most hydrocarbon fuels are around 44 - 46 MJ/kg, with smaller molecules producing only slightly more energy than larger ones. Claims that smaller molecules burn "better", "more completely", or "more energetically" are not supported by experimental data (consider, for example, the fuel economy of Lpg vehicles).

    Some such products also claim a cleaning effect.

    Especially surprising is the fact that most makers of fuel "catalysts" claim their products are equally suited to petrol and diesel engines. Petrol and diesel are quite different; the combustion processes in petrol and diesel engines are quite different; and the qualities that make a "good" petrol are not the same (indeed in are exactly opposite to) the qualities that make a "good" diesel. Even if we assume that a catalyst to produce "better" petrol could be devised, and also a catalyst to produce "better" diesel, for these to be one and the same thing seems highly implausible to me.

    Some commentators claim that the various catalysts work very well in theory, but the evil oil companies specifically add products to their fuel to "disable" them. Even if true (which would be easy enough to prove by carrying out scientific tests on the product using an alternative fuel), you have to ask why these catalytic products are not simply sold in other countries where the fuel blend is different.

    In of specific products, the Broquet device was tested in 1994 by the UK consumer group which They ran three different cars at three different test speeds on a rolling road - as standard, with the Broquet fitted, and with it removed again. (This is not quite as satisfactory as "proper" cycle-based rolling road tests, but far better than uncontrolled on-road measurements.) The results were as follows:

    Citroen AX 1.1
    Speed (mph) MPG std MPG with Broquet MPG back to std
    30 69 70 71
    50 54 56 56
    70 40 40 41

    Rover 620i
    Speed (mph) MPG std MPG with Broquet MPG back to std
    30 49 52 53
    50 41 42 43
    70 32 33 33

    Mitsubishi Galant 1.8
    Speed (mph) MPG std MPG with Broquet MPG back to std
    30 55 57 58
    50 46 46 47
    70 35 35 34

    It can be seen that the improvements after fitting the Broquet are extremely small, and in most cases the benefit remains after the device has been removed. Which? believed that this was because the cars were relatively new and still running-in - economy is therefore improving as the engine friction reduces. If the improvement were really due to the Broquet, the economy should have returned to "baseline" after it was removed.

    Broquet's response to this was that the tests were "unrepresentative" as they had used "modern petrol-engined cars". But remember that these cars were built in 1993, and so today would be classed as 11 years old - yet nowhere on Broquet's web site does it state that small (or zero) economy gain would be expected on post-1992 vehicles.

    I would like to post the whole Which? article here, but cannot as it is copyright.

    (Note to US readers: these are imperial gallons, so the MPG is about 20% better than US MPG.)

    Interestingly, certain makers of both catalyst and magnet -based fuel "saving" devices claim that they were used by the RAF during World War 2. Amazing that the British armed forces should have found not one, but two, miraculous fuel-saving devices; even more amazing that they have apparently now "lost" both of them. (Since getting fuel to the front line is a major logistical problem, the armed forces are more interested in fuel consumption than you might think.) A sceptic might wonder how much truth there is in either claim.

    (NB Adblue is a quite genuine additive that will be used to enhance catalytic reduction of NOx emissions on many future diesel trucks. Negative comments on this site regarding fuel additives and "catalysts" do not in any way refer to AdBlue, which is only of use on engines specifically designed for it.)


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    Re: FFI anyone ?


    I'm interested in becoming a member of FFI and using my mentoring talents to build this business in a huge way. I live in Carlisle, PA and would prefer to have my upline in this general area. Reason being: I plan to work this full time and begin having opportunity meetings along with training meetings. Having a serious and dedicated local sponsor to work with me on these tasks would help explode this area greatly.

    [email protected]

  5. 03-08-2007, 04:34 AM


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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    This may be of interest.
    Someone sent me this tv schedule. with this attached.

    The worlds Business review is "Your television source for factual information about latest topics, trends and solutions to industry problems." The long awaited WBR television show featuring FFI will air the 13th and 14th of this month.

    Norman Schwartzkopf will do the interview. This should be interesting..

    Here is a link of the airings. mabey this will put a end to all of the hype I don't know.. But I will watch it for sure.


    Mabey Norman can get to the bottom of this.


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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    This is a video bought and paid for by FFI. The General is a paid endorser of the product. PEOPLE "Don't be so gullible.


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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ESS

    I'm interested in becoming a member of FFI and using my mentoring talents to build this business in a huge way. I live in Carlisle, PA and would prefer to have my upline in this general area. Reason being: I plan to work this full time and begin having opportunity meetings along with training meetings. Having a serious and dedicated local sponsor to work with me on these tasks would help explode this area greatly.
    [email protected]
    Update to my 3-1-07 post. I'm no longer searching for a sponsor, I found someone. I was eager to try this product out for myself because, if in fact it would work for me, based on the compensation plan this company offers, I could see making a fortune with it. Before I found a sponsor I did go ahead and order the Caps online and began testing them for myself. I had been getting 20mpg highway and 18mpg around home. The first tank with the product was a road trip and the mpg was 20 with that tank. On the same trip and with my second tank with the product my mpg was 25. once I was back home my third tank(again mostly highway) showed 28 mpg. That is amazing to me and enough proof to go full speed ahead with this business.
    I have to admit I was very skeptical but I'm glad I didn't let skepticism keep me from a fortune!

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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    If this product truly works how come there not offering free samples? And how come they wont pay to have official test done?

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    little t 1227 Guest

    Re: FFI anyone ?

    After extensive research, I’m not convinced that this opportunity has the fastest ROI in the business model. However, I have found a company with a 17-year track record, who offers an outstanding turnkey business model, for ordinary people, who are SERIOUS about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE and making a six figure annual income!!

    This company teaches you how to do Internet marketing and has amazing on-going training and support for your business! They offer a suite of online educational courses in Personal Development and Financial Literacy that will educate and empower people to take control of their financial lives. (Not some over priced lotions, potions, pills or energy drinks that you can purchase cheaper somewhere else) Nor do you have to chase your friends and family to earn a great living. The compensation plan is also not MLM!!

    They also provide world-class training held via conference calls every day and a very lucrative compensation plan! You earn a minimum of $1000 per transaction! This is the greatest online Home Based Business on the Internet!! It’s changed our lives & it can change yours as well…. so take a look and you be the judge!!

    I would recommend this home business opportunity to ANYONE!

    Visit my website for more details. After you watch a 5-minute movie, if you like what you see, fill out the contact form for more information. The automated system will email me immediately and I will provide you with FULL ACCESS for you to do your due diligence research without any hype or pressure of any kind. I am the ONLY person that will ever see your information and will NEVER use it for any reason, except to provide you with this info. You may automatically delete your information from my system at any time.

    Check it out the 5-minute informational movie at Imaspammer.whatever
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    Re: FFI anyone ?

    Tired of Scams, spams, and *^!#&%@^$(>~_<-%$?

    This is not a scam. Want to find out? Read the last three lines of this post.

    Want to save big $$$ when you gas up at the pump?

    Go here:

    Know anyone who wants to save money at the pump?

    Show them how and make money doing it.

    Go here:

    Become an independent distributor

    People that know are flocking to get in on this because...

    The timing is right...

    Gas prices are on the rise all over the world!!!

    This is EPA Registered - this means it won't harm your vehicle or the environment, in fact it cuts down on emissions. It is not a gas additive.

    I'm not interested in convincing anyone to buy or sign up for anything.

    If you have questions about purchasing the product or signing up after you have checked out the website and done your research and realize it's not a scam call me and I will get your questions answered.

    You will find my contact information under "contact us" on the website.

    Think it's a scam?
    If you think it's all a scam click on "contact us" on the website and call the corporate office. Everything is there, the address, phone etc.

    Best Regards
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